Somaliland with coastline of 850 kilometres officially inaugurated its diplomatic office in Taiwan capital Taipei in well organised ceremony

Somaliland has officially opened its diplomatic office in the capital of tawin Taipei today in a well-organized ceremony participated by high ranking Taiwanese government officials, Taiwanese business community as well as foreign diplomats representing other countries in Taiwan. Also, large members of Taiwanese media officials both the government and the private have participated heavily in this diplomatic gathering.  The Taiwan diplomatic office in Somaliland was inaugurated on August 17,2020. The two countries’ flags were erected in the venue of the event.

Somaliland’s representative in Taiwan, Mohammed Omar Hagi Mohamed and Taiwan Foreign Minister Joseph Wu were chief speakers of this historic ceremony. To make the ceremony greater, Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi addressed the event online while in Somaliland explaining the deep relationship for the two countries and the two people. Earlier, Speaking in Taiwan capital Taipei in a press conference, Somaliland representative to Taipei, Mohamed Hagi, said trade, security and development corporations were key aspects of “this special relationship. The two are “members of the same community of democracies founded by our shared political and economic freedoms, as well as international values.

From Somaliland’s perspective we are independent,” he told reporters. We are happy to make relations with Taiwan and other countries, to build economic relations. There is not any threat to China. He said trade, security and development corporations were key aspects of “this special relationship. Taiwan and Somaliland have common ground shared by the two countries. Somaliland and Taiwan relationship is freedom and democracy.

Somaliland has huge potential for foreign investment, including hydrocarbon deposits, oil and gas, as well as coal,” he added. Somaliland wants investment in areas like mining, oil exploration, fishing, and eco-tourism for its “beautiful beaches, he said.  The two countries national anthem lyrics were part of the historic ceremony. At present, the two countries’ diplomatic representatives are officially functional in the capitals for the two countries Hargeisa and Taipei. We call this diplomatic success a win- win situation.



Ismail Lugweyne

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