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Somaliland former minister Mohamoud Hashi has to know if you cultivate bad deeds, you cannot expect to harvest good results

History is a record of our past good or bad. It is a gallery of pictures taken in the past.  Everyone harvests what he cultivated in the past. If you cultivate weed, it is not impossible to harvest a flower.  If you cultivate bad deeds, you can’t expect to harvest good deeds.Somaliland former minister Mohamoud Hashi has cultivated bad deeds in the past and this is why Mohamoud Hashihas harvested bad results.  History has labelled Mohamoud Hashi as the most corrupt personality in the history of Somaliland.History has labelled Mohamoud H

 History has labelled Mohamoud Hashi as the one who engineered the conflict in Somaliland sanaag region which Somaliland current government just resolved that has taken  the lives of tens of Somaliland citizens. History has labelled Mohamoud affected by greediness in power. History has labelled Mohamoud hashi affected by power hunger. Since Somaliland current president Muse Bihi Abdi was elected in Somaliland fifth president in late 2017, Mohamoud Hashi campaigned leaving Somaliland ruling party Kulmiye and join other political party in Somaliland believing his bad image in Somaliland will not help to lead Somaliland ruling party, Kulmiye in the future.

 It is good news for Somaliland people that  the most corrupt person and the most tribal minded politician declared today quitting Somaliland ruling party. It is good news that politicians that looted Somaliland resources like Mohamoud Hashi declared leaving the Kulmiye party, but the truth is Kulmiye without Mohamoud Hashi is a gold mine.  It is a piece of diamond. It is like a precious stone. It is valuable treasure. His bad reputation tagged Mohamoud Hashi the last one to lead the Somaliland ruling party, the last one to trust in Somaliland, the last one to believe in Somaliland and the last one to listen in Somaliland.

Mohamoud believes false propaganda against Somaliland leadership will generate him political benefits, but the reality is, Mohamoud Hashi did not own even 2% in popularity in Somaliland in view of his past ugly record in the history of Somaliland. Somaliland did not need the thieves that looted Somaliland resources and misused thor political power  when  they were holding political power in the past. Speaking nonsense and lying in media will not generate a good image of Mohamoud Hashi. This will not change his ugly record in the past.  Mohamoud Hashi is lucky if survive prosecution in somaliland

Mohamoud Hashi has to know  Somaliland people know the differences between good and bad. He should know people know the differences between truth and lie. He should know people know the difference between bad reputation like him and good reputation like the current Somaliland ruling party leadership. He should know Somaliland people know who to trust and whom not to trust like Mohamoud Hashi.  He should know the days Somaliland people believe false stories and nonsense propaganda over long ago.  in conclusion, Mohamoud Hashi has to return what he has looted from Somaliland public in the past which is estimated million of dollars

Ismail Lugweryne