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On behalf of the WE THE THE PEOPLE , OF SOMALILAND , We would like to congratulate Wadani party of Somaliland and his leaders on their vision , leadership and patriotism demanding dismission  of corrupted Somaliland national election commission ( NEC) who are failed big time last election in Somaliland  if not the wisdom of chairman Irro Somaliland could be now  in  all out civil war , waddani party says now  we don’t need  to revisit those dark days WE THE PEOPLE SAY AMIN  .

We trust that your Waddani party will provide Somaliland with stability conducive to the continued development of Somaliland as well as of the horn of Africa , and will continue to contribute constructively in solving common challenges. The rule of law and progress in the fight against corruption, nepotism , inflation in line with the high expectations of Somaliland society and the international donor countries values, are crucial in ensuring that all Somaliland citizens are able to benefit fully from all the opportunities offered by international community and not only the sub-tribe of colonel Muse Bihi Abdi

We look forward the next patriotism steps, and we wish your Waddani Party success for the future.

Thanking You

Yours truly

We The People , Of Somaliland