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Independence being is the breath of life, Somaliland which is 28 years old is commemorating its 28th anniversary in colorful parades as a message to reach outside the world.

18 of May has reshaped Somaliland history as the date brought to end the agony and the dictatorship over 22 years as th mistakes in 1960 was corrected in 18 of May, 1991.   18 of May is a major event in Somaliland being the day we withdrawal the failed union with Somalia and subsequent Somaliland reclamation of sovereignty in 1991. 18 of May mean freedom in our mind. 18 of May mean resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. 18 of May reminds us the heroes who sacrificed their lives liberating this country. A  Hard times that we experienced had created heroes.   It is during the hard times when the ‘hero’ within us is revealed. Freedom is a gift placed in our hands by our forefathers. Those who won our independence believed liberty to be the secret of happiness and courage to be the secret of liberty.  The Martyrs who liberated this country from the oppressive regime shaped the history of Somaliland.  Those great Martyr displayed courage, face danger without fear and facing danger makes brave man braver.  This historic moments has ended 59 years of loss independence.   It was, 18 of May, 1991 when Somaliland regained its lost independence 28 years ago..  Somaliland gaining independence was assignation with destiny, as the struggle for freedom was a long and tiresome one, witnessing the sacrifices of many freedom fighters, who laid down their lives.    28 years ago, former Somaliland president Abdirahman Mohamoud has declared long-sought-after independence, marking the birth of the nation of Somaliland.    The day also marks Somaliland people coming together to make one nation. 18 of May became an opportunity uniting Somaliland. It is an opportunity creating solidarity among Somaliland people.



 It is an opportunity that generates aspiration among Somaliland people. It is an opportunity that creates Cheerfulness among Somaliland people as Cheerfulness heart is good medicine. . It is an opportunity that generates gladness among Somaliland people. It is opportunity that generates joyful hearts. It is opportunity that develops smiling faces.  It is opportunity that generates deep rooted liking among Somaliland people.. It is opportunity that generates happy moments for Somaliland. It is historic moments for Somaliland people.  It is opportunity that generates joyful feeling among Somaliland people. Clouds never hides the sun brightness, 18 of May sources develops the greatest brightness for Somaliland people.. It is opportunity that sources affection for Somaliland people. It is an occasion that creates golden opportunity for Somaliland. 18 of May generated great achievement for Somaliland people. It is opportunity that contained comfort moments for Somaliland people. It is like sitting with gladness. It is opportunity that generates good feeling which end result internal happiness in our lives as happiness is a grateful spirit.   18 of May is fertile ground for Somaliland people. As preamble of Somaliland constitution, 18 of May is official date for Somaliland independence. As preamble of Somaliland constitution, 18 of May is official date for Somaliland independence.  18 of May generates like spring rain feeling for Somaliland. 18 of May develops joyful hearts as joyful heart sees and reads the world with a sense of freedom and graciousness. 18 of May generates parotic feelings among Somaliland people.  18 of May generates the highest expression of love for our homeland.

28 years of independence has sourced us an impressing development for our country.  Independence Day is both an occasion to celebrate and to remember the struggles of those who fought for this great country. Let’s remember the martyrs for the sacrifices they made and thank them for giving us our today.    18 of May 1991 has laid the foundation of new era for the people of Somaliland.  It was the date Somaliland people celebrated both at home and overseas alike. It was the date affected positively the hearts and the mind of Somaliland people. It was the date united Somaliland people everywhere in the globe.  Both 26 of June and 18 of May marks historical importance to Somaliland people.26 June was the date that Somaliland people awaked the night to mark and celebrate the event. The date pleased the hearts and minds all Somaliland people regardless the age. It was the date Somaliland people has shared same feelings and same common interest.    18 of May is the day Somaliland people decided to determine their future. It is the day Somaliland people decided to own their future. It is the day Somaliland people decided to depend on themselves.  It is special day in Somaliland history. It is the day Somaliland decided to forget their differences. It is the day that unit Somaliland. It is a day that carries a new chapter of history. It is that Somaliland people get together across the globe.  It is a day that involves enjoyment for all Somaliland.  Over long time, Somaliland people had dream and hope to retain their lost freedom.   .  Somaliland flag and also to showcase the spirits of their unity and integrity for Independence Day.   On this event, people know some glimpses of Somaliland. For most overseas Somaliland citizens, 18 of May is the time to identify with their homeland.   Freedom or independence means that our lives are shaped by personal priorities rather than external constraints or social pressures. It was 18 of May 1991 when Somaliland became independent again.  Independence Day is celebrated all over Somaliland as the day brought joy for Somaliland people both at home and overseas.  18 of May is the most important day in the history of Somaliland people as the date this fortunate day to Somaliland people.

Independence Day is celebrated to commemorate the freedom of Somaliland from brutal regime.    These men and womem were compensate, determined, confidence fearless at all times.  Bravery is often associated with fearless acts of heroism, but this emotion also is a natural component of bravery and is a normal physiological reaction to perceived physical and emotional threats. These Martyrs risked their lives to liberate this country. Thousands of men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice. Many lives have been lost and so many changed forever by the wounds that they have suffered in their lives. Somaliland heroes who fought and laid down their lives liberating this great nation deserves to be remembered not only on 18 of May, but always. Independence is essential to the pursuit of happiness.   I8 of May being achieved at the cost of one hundred thousand lives and destruction of complete cities and towns, the day carries special remembrance to every Somaliland citizen. 18 of May is most prestigious gift for Somaliland people. Every nation determines its own destiny. 18 of   May is very significant for our country and each of us as its citizens.  Thousands of our people laid down their dear lives liberating this great country, we should never forget their sacrifice.   Our hearts and mind beats with pride when we see the amazing colours of our national flag. Being independent is what all nations wanted. Let us work together as one Somaliland, as one nation. Let us all enjoy the beauty of independence.  18 of May celebration sourced us unprecedented happiness and enjoyment for Somaliland people. This day always remind us the untold sacrifices of the fighters of freedom.   The great sacrifice for our freedom fighters are remembered, which serves as a beacon light for the development of this great country. The whole nation pays homage to freedom fighters s who has laid down their lives for the honour of this country.  Heroes represent the best of ourselves, respecting that we are human beings. These heroes were selfless, generous in spirit and tried to give back as much as possible and help people.  These Martyrs had the qualities such as courage virtuosity, sacrifice, determination, compassion, perseverance, dedication, honesty, loyalty, Intrepidity, conviction, fortitude, responsibility and wisdom.

 Without sacrificing their lives, we will not be able having the multi-story buildings and shopping complexes erected throughout Somaliland.  Thousands sacrificed and down their lives to liberate this country from oppressive regime. 18 May is symbol of Somaliland martyrs who scarified liberating this country from brutal regime. 18 of May is shield that protects our freedom .18 of May is the day Somaliland people decided to determine their future. It is the day Somaliland people have decided to own their future.    18 of May is day that involves special remembrances for Somaliland people as Somalilanders across the world have expressed happiness in view of the importance of the event.  When we honor our flag, we honor what we stand for as a Nation freedom. On this day, Somaliland people across the world feel the spirit Independence. On this day, it is observed every year in every spot in Somaliland with great enthusiasm. 18 of May sourced us patriotic Spirit. Somaliland national flag is our pride and therefore we should pay respect to Somaliland flag. Somaliland national Flag is our country guiding principle. Somaliland symbolizes our unity and integrity; treat it with honour and dignity. With Independence Day, our hearts filled with happiness.  18 of May is truest sense of freedom. 18 of May carry great feeling for all us. In that date, we all feel moment of pride. Somaliland flag mean pride in the soul. Somaliland national flag is flown on all working days on important government buildings and offices, president palace and the legislative assembly and house of elders.  Our national flag resides in the hearts and in the soul of its people. Our national flag show the world, this nation is the best nation and express we are one heart and our mind. Being Somalilander is the matter of pride.

The heroes who lost their lives from oppressive will remain our hearts and minds everlasting. Our flag represents the blood of those who died liberating this great country. Our flag represents our freedom. 18th of May is the day of redemption of the once lost freedom and independence of our great nation.   A sense of nationhood and togetherness, solidarity, national unity, patriotic mood among the citizens, at home and abroad, and world-wide high-spirited celebrations are all the special features that associated with the world-wide festivities of 18th May of each year. Freedom has its life in the hearts, the actions, and the spirit of men and so it must be daily earned and refreshed else like a flower cut from its life-giving roots. The tree of liberty refreshes from time to time with the blood of patriots. Freedom is nothing but a chance to be better. Albert Camus.  Better to die fighting for freedom then be a prisoner all the days of your life. Life without liberty is like a body without spirit.  Together we affirm the greatness of our nation. without liberty, there is no independence, without liberty, there is no dignity, without liberty, there is no freedom without liberty there is no respect, without liberty there is no progress, without liberty no light.  18 of May celebrations marks Somaliland nationhood. National Day tends to be a time of celebration. 18 of May brings Somaliland people together. 18 May is a great day for Somaliland people. 18 of May is day of unity for Somaliland people.  18 of May achieved greater unity among Somaliland citizens. Unity is often built around a common purpose a harmony of interests or values that create a shared identity.  When people are united by shared values and goals, we can move together, synchronizing their efforts to attain things that none could attain alone. Unity is inclusive. It frees us from the divisiveness of prejudice

We are one drop individually, but together, we are an ocean. Passionate hearts committed to a shared vision can accomplish the impossible. Unity is strength.  There is always a victory where there is unity as there in union there is strength. Aesop. We cannot be separated in interest or divided in purpose. By union the smallest states thrive. By discord the greatest are destroyed.  Power of Oneness is brotherhood. People can bring down any system had they united together. It is being together for the same purpose. The phrase, “Unity is Strength”, is more than just a proverb 18 of May is a day where we celebrate the national day of our country, the day were we have united and became one. Somaliland people gather up and celebrate together Somaliland people sharing the joy and happiness and the love for this generous and caring country. The amount of love, joy and happiness across the parades is overwhelming.  We have our country because is the land our ancestors originates from. Our flag mean one heart, one land and one nation. Thanks those who fought the freedom of this great country.   Our flag is the embodiment of history. Somaliland flag did not belong to any political party or clan, but belong all Somaliland people collectively. 18 of is the day Somaliland become a sovereign and independent country. Freedom is indispensable to the pursuit of happiness. Freedom is needed to creative fruition and expression. Freedom is vital to the expansion of the human mind. Freedom is important to the development and application of basic humanitarianism.  Freedom is necessary to the success and progress of humanity.  We are all the natives of this great country, Somaliland. Our flag designed by the experience of our great people. Our flag honors those who have fought it.    Our flag is my flag. Our national flag has great significance for all us. Our country is much superior to all other countries because you were born in it. When we honor our flag, we honor our country.

   Somaliland flag represents all of us and all and therefore all of us should value our flag. We love our country because this great country belong all of us. Somaliland national flag indicating strength, courage and unity in heart   our flag is potent symbol of unity and progress.. Somaliland flag deserve unwavering love. On this day, Somaliland has ended the voluntary union with Somalia after ten years of liberation struggle that end result the loss of almost 100, 000 lives and the destruction of properties accumulated over 100 years. The green, the white and the red are freedom shield and hope. Our flag is our identity, it is our honor,it is symbol of our national unity, it is symbol of our independence, it is our commonality, it is our national pride, it is our glory, it is our aspiration. It is symbol of our history.  Nation flag once raised will never fall. Our flag is recognized symbol for all of us. Our flag is shield that protects us from danger. Our flag protects our independence. When people have unity, we speak and think in a constructive way to ensure national independence and prosperity.  Independence is essential to the growth of the human mind.  Independence is indispensable to the development and application of basic humanitarianism.  Independence is crucial to the creation of an individual. Somaliland mean one flag, one land, one heart, one hand, one nation.   18 of May is a day Somaliland people celebrate our freedom, independence, and togetherness. It’s a day for us to recognize how blessed we are to live in “the land of the free. Independence is one of the deepest and noblest aspirations of the human spirit.



Ismail Lugweyne