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Somaliland peace, security and stability has taken crucial role for Somaliland economy growth

People across the world have shared agreement which is, it impossible to separate peace and security from economy growth as peace is not only beneficial to societies but it is also considered the most important need for mankind as peace involves economic growth. Only handful of individuals and companies benefit from conflict areas and as a result, conflicts damages economies and leaves long-lasting scars on society. Peace mean absences of conflicts like in Somaliland.  Everyday hundreds of cars and trucks travels across Somaliland carrying passengers and goods making business estimated thousands of dollars, this is because the peace, security and stability in Somaliland has generated  this huge business volume.  Everyone in Somaliland has benefited Somaliland peace, security and stability direct or indirect.  There is no life without peace, there is no progress in the absences of peace, there is no prosperity where there is no peace, and there is no economy growth in the absences of peace. In fact, we can say, there is no country in the absences of peace. The international community has labelled Somaliland is an oasis of peace.

With regards Somaliland and Ethiopia trade relationship, the geographical and socio-economic proximity made Somaliland the second largest trade client, with Ethiopia gaining almost 800 million dollars yearly in trade.   The traffic between the two countries from both sides is too busy as daily hundreds of cars and trucks travels both sides of the border carrying hundreds of passengers travelling between the two countries. Apart the land based trade between the countries, Ethiopian airline operates daily flights between the capitals cites of the two countries (Addis Ababa Bole International Airport and Hargeisa Egal International airport).  These flights offer the best deals for Ethiopian flight between Addis Ababa and Hargeisa.  Also, Ethiopian Airlines operates flights from London to Hargeisa.  In view of above, traveling to Ethiopia is prime destination for somalilanders across the year, this because the trade between the countries and the peace climate in the region.

 In additional to the above, Ethiopia is prime benefiters for DP investment in Somaliland, this because, Ethiopia’s interest in Berbera certainly makes sense from a strategic perspective.  The port is close to border crossing point for the two countries and will connect the eastern, primarily Somali region of Ethiopia to Addis Ababa. It will also provide a much needed. Somaliland has proved radical changes in terms of challenging regional power dynamics as well as international law.  This has sourced another access to Ethiopia other than Djibouti.  The port expansion project is expected to be completed in last quarter of 2020. When that happens, the capacity of the port should increase by 50 %.   Ethiopia has already increasing amounts of goods and services they imported from abroad through the port of Berbera. Berbera corridor will provides some transport links for neighbouring Ethiopia, a landlocked country that has friendly relations with Somaliland.  Global continuer, DP world is modernizing the Port of Berbera to accommodate the biggest containerised ships to make the port one of the biggest logistic hub in horn of Africa.  Somaliland ambitious Berbera corridor project will stimulate economic growth for Somaliland. The cross border trade between the two countries is flourishing, this is because the economy integration between the two countries.

This investment deal will be boon not only to Somaliland but also its landlocked neighbor Ethiopia a fast-growing economy with a population of 100 million people that is eyeing new ports across the region to export its goods. Taken above into account, Somaliland hopes its strategic location which is one of the world’s busiest shipping routes in the world will turn the state into a job-creating dynamo and encourage international recognition 28-years after it split from Somalia.  In the past, Somaliland and Ethiopia have inked many joint agreements with regards the economy relationship between the two countries.  This economy relationship serves the bilateral interest of the two countries.  This flourishing trade between the two countries is because the joint of effort between the leadership of the two countries is the source of economy integration for the two countries. Somaliland which is s de-facto state has declared its independence from Somalia in 1991 based on collective support.


A winds of change is blowing across the Horn of Africa since Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed and Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki have signed peace agreement between the two countries on 17 September, 2019. The peace agreement between the countries has generating flourishing the trade between the two countries. The peace agreement was the culmination of peace initiatives that began on 8 June 2018 with the historic embrace between the two leaders in Asmara. The peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea has warmed the regional relationship.  The two leaders has removed the travel restriction between the two countries. The two countries have opened their border crossing points which was close almost 20 years. The reopening at Burre gives landlocked Ethiopia access to the sea. Another border post, near the Ethiopian town of Zalambessa, also reopened. These agreement has boosted the border trade between the two countries. We have seen in the television screens across the world, hundreds of people from the two countries hugged each other and some wept as their leaders led celebrations to mark the reopening. Ethiopia is prime minister is honoured for making peace with Eritrea after decades of tension and conflict. After years of war tension in the region, this peace agreement finally realized its economic potential. The peace agreement between the two countries will not only beneficial by the two countries, but by entire horn of Africa.

Ismail  Lugweyne