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When Tolerance And Foolishness Have Become Brothers?

Do unto others what you  expect others might do onto you is a “golden rule” that is timeless.
This brings us to another saying that says “give the devil his due.”
Leadership shines when it builds others up, prevents what can cause discord among people, accepts that others are different and  appreciates what others suggest rather than to intimidate options.
Leaders fear more than all ordinary people fear. The feel for responsibility is what actually makes leaders more fearful than all other people. A leader who does not feel the fear of reasponsibility is a fool by nature.
Actions and reactions are the real regulators of this world; they are the determinants of what yesterday was, of what today is and of what tomorrow will appear to be.
Taking actions and decisions that determine a country’s destiny is not an easy job. It is much harder than what anyone might imagine. It is much bigger than one-man show or one-size-fits all.
Actions and decisions that determine a nation’s destiny need maturity and morality that begins with integrity and objectivity in vision. It is an obligation that requires  the strength of reaching out to people at a more trusting attitude and tolerant approach.  A nation’s destiny can only be decided and designed by tolerance.
Leadership shines when it tolerates what mistakenly mindless trashes of mismanagement have caused. It shines when it always remembers that a trouble is always bad but what is worse than a trouble is the thing that creates and causes the trouble.
The need to have tolerance in every situation cannot be underestimated.  For tolerance is needed in all spheres of life, and on every level and in every stage because it plays a vital role in establishing peace and love in all the units of society, from head to tail.
Colonel Caare and Ceeafweyn’s problem is a  case in point and it is actually an issue that can finally cause consequences that will distort the image of  Somaliland destiny, if it is not urgently solved through tolerance and trouble-shooting talents.
Colonel Caare’s matter requires the ability to restrain violent actions starting from one angle a coward person looks at in this trying and troubling conditions. It needs the content to see deeply what it is that needs fixing without losing temper while waiting for a glory at the end.
Leadership shines when it shows the acceptance of the reality that one cannot do things in his own way in all circumstances in life. It also shines when it understands that one must accept that others are different and have different abilities. A leadership that cannot appreciate these differences loses its shine.
Tolerance is a factor in rising as a leader, and the first of the many aspects that great leadership consists.
Great leaders recognize and recount challenges. A brave   leader is one unafraid to stand up for what pulls people together, and never shies away to take bold steps that can bring peace to his country when the moment is hard.
Compromise and concession are great when one understands what comes along with them. Great leaders sometimes, when the need arises, make concessionary options even when it looks like their team may lose.
Brave leaders keep their opponents closer instead of keeping them at bay. Great leaders who learn lessons from the past respect their enemies because they see things from the other points of view. While they still may disagree, they take on a leadership role that is based on harmony and honor, which is admirable and shows strength.
Selfless service means serving more than yourself. Great leaders always strive for others to succeed   because they inherit the attitude that makes people rise. Serving others and putting the needs of the many above yourself is a sign of a brave leader. Acting selflessly in the service of others is surely a sign of leadership.
Leaders who act with confidence and courage show others how to face fear in order not to swallow their pride. Some of the most difficult things to do may seem easy to others, but when tolerance stirs  action, leaders usually never fail.
Leading by example conquers hate, humpty-dumpty and cleanses hypocrisy, and creates clarity for where to go. Showing people what to do, how to do it, when to do and why they do it pales all else in comparison.
Bravery cannot be acquired through pride or power.  Bravery can be achieved through persuasion rather by being either proud or powerful. Fostering others’ demands, helps leaders know the concept that one’s rights always begin right where someone else’s rights end.  Allowing things to happen not in a chaotic way, but in an atmosphere that endures the incubation process, which in turn,  encourages creative ideas is a sign of greatness that takes all forward.
Listening to the voice that  knows what peace is and what war may bring out to this country is a noble attitude. Weighing ideas that proceed from those on the front civil lines that have a groundswell that leads the country into the future is a seed of sanity.
Greatness gets inspired when humans act in a humble way.  No greatness comes without concession and compromise.
Brave leaders provide recognition rather than seek it. Recognizing opponents inspires them, for leaders are mostly remembered in how they built others up and attract opponents by creativity and conviction.
No force can eliminate crime. No saint can flush sins out of this world. The battle between evil and virtue always remains.
Here the glory goes to that which crushes not the fattest bone.
No human is infallible of mistakes. All people make mistakes. Here the concern is when tolerance and foolishness have become brothers? People want to know, Mr President.
By : Jama Falaag
        Hargeisa, Somaliland