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Farmajo announcement of setting up a Commission for Somaliland and Somalia talks is comedy of the year, joke of the century, brainchild story, mid day dream, an attempt building bridges in the air and came from immature mentality.

Vila Somalia government mentality reminds me the African proverb that expresses the price of your hat is not always the measure of your brain. There are some people who live in a dream and others who face reality. When you argue with reality, you lose 100% of your time. Villa Somalia government need to realizes a dream they dream ends up   only a dream.  Villa Somalia leaders in Mogadishu lives in dream. They need to walk up from. The historic red carpet protocol extended to Somaliland president by government of Guinea has embarrassed and shocked villa Somalia government.  This is what made him to announce the above mid-day dream. Farmajo is attempting to divert his failures to the issues that he has nothing to do.   The guy has failed to come up with coherent policies and reconciliation among political leaders in Somalia. He failed to tackle the chronic problems of Somalia aged over three decades.   Somaliland successive diplomatic  success  has saddened villa  Somalia.

Somalia is a country that exists in the map but does not own political infuence on world affairs being a government that does control even five kilometer of the its territory.  The country has no legitimate government nor a parliament elected by its people.  The so called president, Farmajo was elected through vote buying and cooperation and as result, he has no legitimacy to be called as a president. Speaking on press conference, an African peace keeping commander in Somalia described Somalia as dirty bag, once you clean it get dirty again.

When we heards Somalia from the international media, the only things that struck in our mind are terrorism, vote buying, corruption, piracy, suicide bombing, tribal loyalty, warlordism, factional leaders  and other descriptions that imposes fear to human mentality.  The historic reception extended  somaliland president and his delegation by government of Guinea has hit strongly against villa Somalia government protected by 22,000 African peace keeping troops. The hospitality offered to Somaliland president by government of guinea has exceeded any imagination we could think of and this is what made crazy to villa Somalia. The red carpet was literally rolled out for Somaliland president Muse Bihi, while the flags of Guinea and Somaliland were given equal prominence in photographs of the two leaders.

Somaliland diplomacy success is like supersonic jet speed and this is why Somaliland diplomacy became victerious over villa Somalia government.  Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi was welcomed in red-carpet like any head of at Conakry International Airport on  following an official invitation from the president of Guinea, Prof. Alpha Condé. Somaliland diplomatic success has crossed over all barriers and blocking stones. Somaliland Foreign Policy has made unprecedented breakthrough over the last 18 months. Somaliland President Muse Bihi Abdi and his delegation departed to Guinea-Conakry to other crorner of the contient on 2nd of June, 2019 after received official invitation from the country head of state starting three days working visit.  Somaliland presidential delegation visit to Guinea was reported in world press coverage and this is what made panic to villa Somali government.

Upon arrival, the presidential delegation were later flown to the Presidential Palace by helicopter to meet the head of the state at Guinean-Conakry presidential mansion. The presidential delegation was welcomed and received at the airport in Conarky by a high level delegation led by the Guinean Foreign minister, Mamadi Toure.  This historic visit has skyrocketed Somaliland diplomatic status across the world. Villa Somali government voice against Somaliland become like wing of an insect which mean no effect in the ground and this is why no one has paid attention their jealousy against Somaliland. Farmajo need to protect his residency from routine Al-Shabab rocket attacks instead of focusing the issues of another country that he cannot step in or nothing to do with. Somaliland diplomatic   voice speaks louder than villa Somalia government protected by African peace keeping forces.

Somalia is like a boat its anchor has failed to function which mean failed to work.  An Anchor is device attached to a boat or ship by a rope or chain used to hold the boat or ship in fixed place or prevent moving.Somaliland peace, security, stability, unity, democratic nature and strategic location are the sources of Somaliland diplomatic success. As nothing grows without seed, the seed Somaliland has cultivated has produced its fruits.  Life is like a garden, you reap what you sow.” Paulo Coelho.

The seeds Somaliland has cultivated with regard to foreign policy have produced fruitful productivity and this historic visit is typical example.   The amount of effort we put in our work is proportional the amount of end results.  As nothing can come of nothing, Mogadishu government jealousy against Somaliland has failed to produce even fraction percent in the ground.  Jealousy is feeling insecurity in the mind and civil war in the soul.  Somaliland people strong determination speaks louder than villa Somalia government jealousy against Somaliland and this is why Somaliland diplomacy becomes triumph over the fragile government in Villa Somalia.  Somaliland is experiencing successive diplomatic success stories.  Just for the intention of media consumption, villa Somalia government claimed they have cut diplomatic ties with government of Guinea when they have no diplomatic ties with Guinea in the first place. Villa Somalia have reacted the historic red carpet protocol extended to Somaliland president by government of Guinea that Farmajo never had in the past.  Farmajo attempt to isolate Somaliland from international community has reached dead end, this because Somaliland successive diplomatic gains which we have experienced over 28 years.

Villa Somalia government claim cutting diplomatic ties with the government of guinea is brainchild story; it is comedy worth to be laughed.  It is a joke of the century.  Diplomatically, Somaliland directly deals tens of nations over the three decades, this is why foreign diplomats paying diplomatic visit to Somaliland. Villa Somalia cannot cut ties with all nations of the world simply these countries have relationship with Somaliland. After scored unprecedented diplomatic victory, Somaliland presidential delegation has returned home and the public received the presidential delegation like heroes in the battle field. The whole Somaliland capital city was in festival mood in view of Somaliland diplomatic achievement.  The streets of Hargeisa were decorated with smiling crowds of people. The president waved massive crowds of people that come out to welcome their president and the cheerfulness of the people in the streets welcomed the presidential delegation cannot be expressed in words.   This was the joyful that we never experienced in the past.  People chanted patriotic songs and cheered at the president.  Jubilant Somaliland citizens lined up the streets of the capital from the airport till the presidential palace.

The arrival of President at home was characterized like carnival mood. The president waved crowds of people welcoming him at the streets of the capital. The president speaking to the media at Egal International Airport expressed how Italy lobbies against Somaliland independence. In fact, Italy exerted the greatest pressure but to no avail.  Villa Somalia attempt to downgrade Somaliland diplomatic became ineffective.  President Conde’ repeated, even at arriving at the (AfCFTA), Niger, conference that Somaliland had every right to determine its destiny,” President Bihi said. The president continue saying that the people who led the Mogadishu administration did what they did ignoring history in order to rekindle fresh instability in the region. These people are fully aware of what had been happening for the past 30 years, how Somaliland and Somalilanders suffered during that period and the abundantly recorded political history of Somaliland over the years, said the president. It is a reality that none can ignore anymore,” the president concluded.

The journey Somaliland to be recognized diplomatically by world family of nations has taken great stride and the days ahead are promising pleasing news for Somaliland people.  It is true one man’s meat is another man’s poison. Somaliland diplomatic uninterrupted gains become a poison for villa Somalia government. Villa Somalia government endless effort against Somaliland become zero impact in the ground. Somaliland people regret the enmity, the hatred and undiplomatic verbal attacks expressed by the fragile government in Mogadishu   against Somaliland people.  Villa Somalia disregards the reality that, the political maps of Africa has become affective as result of the European Colonial Occupation that invaded African Continent at the end of the 19th century and divided it up into territories with colonial borders for their own political sphere of influence.

The Somali speaking people in horn of Africa spread across five regions in the Horn of Africa namely Djibouti, Somaliland, Somalia, Somalia, the Ogaden in Ethiopia and the North Eastern Province in Kenya. During the colonial period Djibouti was controlled by France and known as French Somaliland, Somaliland was British Somaliland, and Somalia was Italian Somaliland. The Ogaden was variously controlled by Ethiopia, Italy and Britain, while the North Eastern Province, then known as the Northern Frontier District was split between Italy in the north and Britain in the south.

Prior to that, the Somali people had never had a united nation. They shared a common language and similar cultural practices but the idea of somaliweyn, or “Greater Somalia”, didn’t gain ground until the20th century (with a little help from the British).  The concept of Somali-weyne to form single country by these five regions has become dead in 1960.  their dreams and face the reality in the ground as their dislike against Somaliland has proved backfired and counterproductive.  Somaliland government high ranking officials led by the H.E Vice President Abdirahman Abdullahi Ismail Saylic and Hon Feisal Ali Waraabe , the chairman of Justice and Welfare party “UCID” who addressed the euphoric crowds by saying that the President and his delegation recent trip was a victory for the people and the nation at large. The President addressed the crowds near a makeshift erected near the Egal International airport. Somaliland people have learned costly lesson what has happened over the last 59 years in horn of Africa..  


The euphoric crowds waving and dressed in the national flags of Somaliland and Guinea come out in their thousands lined the main roads of every road in the capital of Hargeisa in support of the head of state and the political strides attained during his recently concluded trip to the Republic of Guinea and other African nations. The President on his part thanked the people of Hargeisa for their show of support and patriotism, unity and the victory brought about by the trip to Guinea.

 This historic diplomatic victory has united Somaliland people across the country as what we share is much bigger than what divides us.  The mistakes of 1960 will not be repeated as history has taught costly lessons to Somaliland.

No more marginalization, no more suffering, no more artillery bombardment, no more aerial bombing, no more total destruction, no more agony, no more looting, no more to be second class citizen, no more inequality, no more daily curfews.  Villa Somalia political immaturity became none effective in the ground. The experiences Somaliland has gained since Somaliland independence in 1991 is unforgettable treasure.Experience is the best teacher and the mother of wisdom.   An experience is the thorn lined road to success, Terri Guillemets.  over last 28 years, Somaliland is peaceful, democratic nature and united for common purpose and as a result somaliland is labelled as everlasting treasure.

Ismail Lugweyne.