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According to me “Muse Handaraab” means, Muse kept public resources in safekeeping in safe hands, in cleanliness manner which literally mean absences of corruption, in other words every cent to the right place.

People have different interpretations about the slogan Muse Handaraab.  In English definition Handaraab mean a lock which is a metal apparatus intended protecting an objects like a door. However, regarding the interpretations about the word, let ask ourselves, the source of the slogan Handaraab. The truth is, during Somaliland presidential election campaign , hundreds if not thousands of Kulmiye party campaigners believed in the event President Muse would succeed the highest office in Somaliland, he would nominate them one of leading positions for the government to be formed by the president.

Others believed, the president will favor them simply being party campaigners. Others believed they could chat the president any time they like in presidential office. But truthfully all these expectation were wrong and far from logic.  There is logic expectation and illogic expectation.  Today was good. Today was fun. Tomorrow is another one, Dr. Seuss.Anyone who loves in the expectation of being loved in return is wasting their time, Paulo Coelho.

Let us search the source of the slogan “Muse Handaraab”. The slogan “Muse Handaraab” originally came from those who made miscalculation during presidential campaign. According to commonsense which is shared commodity across the world, it is impossible any of Kulmiye party campaigner  be nominated a leading position by the president.

 Those expected the president will favor them simply they were party campaigners failed to get the favoritism they expected from the president and this cause them serious disappointment as situation become different when the president has resumed power the highest office in Somaliland. The president has appointed a proportional number of positions of his government to some members of his party, but not to every party campaigner being unreasonable.

Answering the oath the president has declared to the public during the transfer of power, the president has translated his oath into reality as he kept the public money in safe in treasurer which mean every cent spent to the right place, in other words wise spending.  Being a president has great responsibilities, great challenges, working long hours, thinking strategically, considering right calculations, engaging deep visions, spending in transparent manner, taken the best advice, employing the right people to right place, but possibly a common person may not aware all these circumstances. Being a nation president is much different than an ordinary citizen.

The president was elected for the entire Somaliland population no matter the political affiliation as the president said many times in the past. Speaking on press conference to Kulmiye party supporters just after the president resume the highest in Somaliland, the president quote saying every party campaigner or party supporter should expect he/she will be appointed a leading position for the government to be formed as this illogic to happen, in other words, unwise thinking. But possibly logic may not satisfy people who demands illogic from the president, while logic mind can understand the president circumstances.

Logic is good framework of thoughts. Literally, the slogan Muse Handaraab means trusted hands. In conclusion, the president has spent every cent of our limited resources to the right place, to the right demand, to the right direction to the right circumstances and to the right priority. Muse Handaraab is nothing, but praise for president Muse Bihi Abdi.



Ismail Lugweyne.