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Trump’s real image , Bob Woodward’s book ‘Fear’ tells all …..

A president who is paranoia, has no knowledge, and who constantly has to be protected from big mistakes by his frustrated staff. That is the image that is outlined in the new book ‘Fear’ by the well-known journalist Bob Woodward. That book will be released next week, but several American media  have already the book………. you can order yours now Bob Woodward’s book ” Fear ” .
In Max Boot’s article in Washington post  ( President Trump is unfit for office. Bob Woodward’s ‘Fear’ confirms it ). says
” Of course, it doesn’t take Woodward’s revelations to demonstrate Trump’s unfitness for office. Trump demonstrates it on a daily basis with his campaign-rally rants and Twitter tirades. Just in the past day, the president has demanded that the Justice Department drop criminal investigations against his supporters because it could cost Republicans House seats, and suggested that NBC lose its broadcast license because, in essence, he objects to the criticism he receives on MSNBC. A senior Justice Department official told Axios: “It shows how POTUS thinks DOJ should be used: As a weapon against enemies and a tool to win elections.” In a normal world — a world where Congress was not controlled by blind Republican partisans — the fact that Trump continues to make demands so at odds with the rule of law would be cause for his impeachment and removal “,—— we wander if that is  America the last best hope of the mankind or a  banana republic  somewhere in Latin America or Africa. …………
 Mr. Boot continues ” Imagine the outcry among Republicans if Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama had been caught making fun of DOJ Sessions’s accent and intelligence. But from Republicans all you hear is the sound of silence “.
After reading what is in that book ” Fear ”  and all what we are witnessing there is one conclusion .
                  VOTE REPUBLICAN
                  VOTE DEMOCRATE