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The world lost a great man Sen. John McCain ( The maverick ) goes home R.I.P

Asked last year during a CNN interview about how he hoped to be remembered, McCain said, “He served his country.” He added: “And not always right, made a lot of mistakes. Made a lot of errors. But served his country, and I hope you could add honorably.” ~ we say Amen you were an honorable man with dignity … solid man with style , Sir ..
During  last days of 2008 election as he was trailing Candidate Obama than  by 8 points in most polls  he refused to act dishonorable way like Mr.Trump who asked openly foreign country help  …… Republican presidential candidate Senator John McCain takes a question from a supporter, who called Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama an Arab, during a town hall meeting in Lakeville, Minnesota, October 10, 2008. McCain urged his supporters to stop hurling abuse against Barack Obama at his rallies, saying he admired and respected his Democratic rival ……. Senator McCain lost election but he won hearts and respect of millions of people ,WE THE PEOPLE ALL OVER THE WORLD SALUTE YOU SIR &  THANKING YOU FOR YOUR SERVICES TO HUMANITY .