Silvia Romano, “married and working”. Who is Aisha’s husband, conversion and Islamic marriage – Il Tempo

The new life of Silvia Aisha Romano, the Italian aid worker kidnapped in Chakama, Kenya, by the dangerous terrorist group of Al Shabab, affiliated with al Qaeda, on November 20, 2018 and released on May 9, 2020 after 18 months of imprisonment in Somalia. The newspaper “La Stampa” returned to the story and discovered that Silvia Romano, who converted to Islam with the name of Aisha, left her apartment in the north-east of Milan, got married and went to live in the suburbs .

The newspaper reads: “Fortunately, there are no more haters and trolls who have persecuted the frail, kind-eyed volunteer for days and months after her release. Who accused her for her conversion to Islam, for her green jilbab (traditional Somali dress), for the money that Italy would pay for the ransom, perhaps even for her smile. They overwhelmed her with hatred and malice and made her end up under “tutelage” at her home, also prompting the prosecutor to open an investigation ”. The whole family has moved away from Milan to start living in peace again.


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