U.A.E Breaches Of UN Arms Embargo On Somaliland / Somalia……

According to our information, Mr. Muse Bihi will fly soon to Dubai as has received an invitation from the crown prince of Abu Dhabi , Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahyan, to visit the United Arab Emirates in mid-March for further discussions on the military base that the Emirates wants to establish in Berbera. U.A.E wants to deploy attack helicopters and other military aircraft to the their Berbera military base , in violation of UN-backed international sanctions against the regime.

The United Arab Emirates is playing a destabilising role in Somaliland therefore we He call on the country’s Patriots “to submit an official complaint at the UN Security Council protesting the UAE’s violation of Somaliland’s sovereignty”, as well staging demonstration at U.A.E embassies around the world just like last time , believe us it helped .

“The UAE is violating internationals sanctions on the sale of arms to war-torn countries by supplying Somalia weapons, a UN report has revealed.

According to monitors, the continuous support of some foreign countries for terror in Somalia threatens peace and security due to the possible return of piracy off the Somali coast.

The report said that it had enough proofs that a UAE ship could have been carrying illegal weapons and banned materials to Somali before it was intercepted and kidnapped.

The report noted that EU drones recorded the Emirati ship changed its route, got closer to Somali beaches, two small boats approached it and exchanged shipments with it.

In addition, the report explained that the UAE’s activities in the Somali city of Berbera, saying: “The plans to build an Emirati military base in Barbara are going on very quickly,” noting that the monitors asked the UAE reports whether building the base does not violate the arms embargo, but the UAE did not respond.

The monitors said that building a foreign military base includes moving weapons to the region and this is a violation of the weapons embargo, stressing that any foreign contribution to the official Somali institution in the country must get their agreement.” ~ source – MiddleEastMonitor ~


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