Memo To International Journalists … ….. …. 2019

Journalist Abdimalik Shiekh Muse Oldon has been imprisoned in Hargeisa recently with his social media activity case, the clearest proof of the pressure on the freedoms of press and expression in Somaliland. Hidden behind the prevarication of a “Somaliland is a separate country,” journalism itself is being tried.

In conclusion, due to his activities as a journalist, he is unfortunately deprived unlawfully of freedom in his own country. He has been sitting in prison for two month without any final verdict. Journalism is a universal profession. Wherever a journalist is arrested and thrown into prison for doing his or her job, all of the world’s journalists are under threat. Within this context, I hope the sensitivity you will show against the trial of journalism in Somaliland will continue until the end.

Thank you very much for your attention and support.

Yours truly,

Togdheer Freedom Warriors (TFW)

N.B.  Very reliable sources are confirming that so called Chief Justice of  Somaliland Mr. Adan Hagi Ali Ahmed is personally jailed Journalist Oldon (The day that justice died in Somaliland).

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