In Somaliland, a concerned citizen feels helpless and lost. By Abdisalaan Ahmed.

We are one of the youngest nations in the world, yet unrecognized with 65% of our
population below the age of 35 years, and approximately 70% below the age of 45
years of age. What does it mean?
We are in a position to fill in the gap for shortfall of qualified human resources, this will
not happen by design, but by default. Regardless of how will it happen, the question is –
can we turn our human. resource into our greatest assets? Mankind has a unique
capacity to visualize circumstances, tackle situations, adapt to their environment and
shape it too. Changing dysfunctional behavior is difficult, but not impossible.
Any change, by itself is uncomfortable. What makes it difficult? The fear of the
Therefore people prefer to live with a known misery than to venture into unknown
progress. In life of nation ( Somaliland) twenty seven years is not very long period but
its long enough in order but it’s long enough in order to prospect and evaluate our past
performance, and most importantly to evaluate the direction we are heading towards.
Money today has became the sole measure of success, we live in a dog-eat-dog world.
We are selfishly occupied with our own selves. Do we care about our culture and nation
any more? Aren’t we are leaving behind a poor legacy? If the citizens don’t realise the
intensity of the danger, you and your country’s existence would be wiped out forever.

Today, in Somaliland, a concerned citizen feels helpless and lost. He does not
know where to start. He wants to do something, but doesn’t know what. He needs
direction and finds none. Many times we hear people say we are young country yet
unrecognized and we need time to grow up. These are the growing pains. The sad part
is these are not the growing pains for not to grow up.

Somaliland’s problems are not unique. It’s not about recognition, this is common excuse
for habitual excuse makers. If analysed, they are really unique. There is hardly any
country in the world can hardly be a reason for the chronic un development is because
of lack of recognition. What keeps us backward is not international recognition but
ignorance, immorality, and corruption that pulls us down. We don’t have resource
problem, rather we have people and credibility problems. We have unethical traders and
commercial practices, and the growth of violence, all rest substantially on the politics of
corruption and mismanagement.
We live in a country were broken son who lost his father for the country doesn’t have
basic needs, like shelter, food, education. We live in a corrupt country where corruption
is way of life. People ignore it, whereas in honest countries, a corruption is
acknowledged as something that exists as an exception and, therefore should be done
away with.
In Somaliland corruption made welfare an realisible dream. The innocence citizen
found it hard to survive in such environment and are penalised.
Decision are based on political favouritism and the greed of the receiver, not on the
integrity of the citizen who is victimised, its progressively degenerating diseases.
In a corrupt system if you do everything right, it becomes wrong because you have not
paid your share of bribe to the concerned party. The reverse is just as true.

Common elements in all types of corruption in Somaliland
● Private interests get priority over public interest.
● Lack of transparency
● Deception of society
● Violation of duty and public welfare
● Nepotism and favouritism.
elimination of corruption needs more than mere legal administrative measure. Its needs
a committed citizens who fight against any kind of corruptions.

Corruption is deadly stop it!
What we need:
we need a destabilised projects it doesn’t require sophisticated technology or expensive
experts, just a commitment and organizing people to try and find their own solution to
their own problems, through self help and mass participation.This is a living example of
how people working together can turn their country into prosperous, huge development,
free from corruption, peace and plenty.
If the majority of Somaliland educated youth ended have an intention to create a
civilization that would live according to the spiritual and citizenship principles,
everything can be solved in a very simple way. The first thing is to bring order and teach
the coming generation to the spiritual and civic development.
Finally my fellow Somaliland citizens we have to work and strive to our common
interest and needs to find just a solution to our own problems and our country.




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