To Whom It May Concern,

We wish to appeal to you on be half prisoner of conscience Elder Suldaan Mohamed .M.F. Deyr Unne  who is  the subject of our deepest concern .

Suldaan Unne also known as peace activist Suldan is unlawfully arrested in Burao at main Mosque while praying calmly after ending his fasting day .

During the arrest of Suldan Unne the police repeatedly banged his head against a concrete wall ; They struck his head with a piece of wood, covered his  face with a jumper and took him inside a police cheep. Once in there, other Mosque visitors could smell blood and hear screams of pain.

“He was trying to stay awake, that was his way of fighting. And then, the beatings with a metal rod begun, that was the most painful to watch. His body was trembling uncontrollably.  He had no control of his body,” witness explained

The international Community is very worried about Suldan Mohamed. M. F Deyr Unne  who is said to be unjustly detained and  tortured in your country Somaliland. We believe him to be prisoner of conscience, detained because of his work as peace activist  who simply exposed the illegal orders from Minister of interior of Somaliland Mr. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed and his obvious bias attitude in Eelafwayn civil war . Suldan Unne told Mr. kahin ” your Excellency  If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem  ; it’s the truth you support your tribe ” …..We know the truth hurts but it’s not a crime .

The arrest of Elder Suldaan Mohamed .M.F.Deyr Unne  was carried out by RRU ( Rapid Response Unit ) trained and equipped by British taxpayers money to fight terrorist groups which not exist , now they are fighting against simple Somaliland civilians ; oh wait a minute .. RRU participates Eelafweyn and Tukaraq civil wars too….. Madame Prime Minister Theresa May is it justifiable that British taxpayers money to be used fueling civil wars in Africa,  it’s Bloody shame .

We strongly urge that African / Somali  and Somaliland elder  Suldaan Mohamed . M.F.Deyr Unne  is  immediately and unconditionally released. Until then, we ask you to assure his physical safety while in detention and guarantee that he is not anymore subject to torture or other ill-treatment.

Finally, in view of the above mentioned information, we urge you to act quickly to correct this situation and ask that you inform us of the outcome of your investigation.


We The People 

UN – human rights


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