We the people of Garhajis in Ethiopia through their President Abdi Mohamoud Omar  join their fellow Ethiopian citizens  today  in condemning these dastardly acts of terrorism and share the grief and sorrow of the Ethiopian people . Our hearts go out to the friends and families of those who are victims of this despicable tragedy.

Obviously this seems a well-planned and well-coordinated act of terrorism and we are confident that the law enforcement authorities will soon discover the identity of perpetrators responsible for this contemptible act and bring them to task with the full force of the law.

At this moment of confusion, uncertainty and naturally highly charged emotions, we earnestly appeal to the media not to rush to judgment,  let the response of Ethiopia and it’s wise prime minister Abiy Ahmed be mature and thoughtful. This is a moment of prayer and unity not of hasty reaction.

We pray to ALLAH to give strength to all of those who have suffered during this catastrophe.

May we as a nation be guided by the Divine

To rediscover the sacred flame of our national heritage,

Which so many have given their lives to safeguard;

Let the wounds of separation and division be healed

By opening our hearts to listen to the truth on all sides,

Allowing us to find a higher truth that includes all;

May we learn to honor and enjoy our diversity

And differences as a people, even as we

More deeply touch our fundamental unity .

Like always Ethiopia Tikedem

Oh ALLAH , We ask that you would give Prime Minster Ahmed Abiy wisdom beyond his own understanding and the courage to chose the right path no matter how narrow the gate . We pray for the spiritual leaders of our country that they would hear your voice and know your heart. Prime Minister Abiy May ALLAH  give you and Ethiopia grace and strength to stand against the temptation to use power as a weapon but rather to carry it reverently as one would a child ………. Amen .

Yours Truly,

Suldan Mohamed Abdiqadir

Suldan Mohamed Suldan Hirsi Qani

Suldan Osman Suldan Ali Suldan Madar

Suldan Osman Ade-Gude

Suldan  Yusuf Muhumed Hiray

Chief  Rashid  Jambir

Tribal – King  Faysal Osman

Tribal – King  Rabi Yusuf


 Garhajis Conference at Ga’an Libah in Somaliland


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