Farmajo who is by-product of Sayid Bare regime busy to isolate Somaliland people just because SNM has ousted his uncle oppressive regime of Somalia (1969-1991) but his attempts has become fruitless

Farmajo proved he is number one to enemy to Somaliland since the collapse his uncle regime in 1991.He has wishes against Somaliland is like someone who is trying to build castles in the air which mean an impossible task.  He has to realize if wishes were horses, beggars would ride. He is blowing tribalism drum against Somaliland in an effort to revenge Somaliland people just because SNM has ousted his uncle dictatorship regime in 1991, but his impossible wishes will end up failure. Farmajo has to liberate Al-Shabab from Somalia instead of mobilising daaroodism against Somaliland.
The defeat of Sayid Bare regime in January 1991 by SNM was a triumph for Somaliland people. Farmajo has opened a shop whereby he trades Daaroodism, but he forgot to realise Somaliland people leading by SNM have defeated the most powerful army in Africa. Farmajo has to realise Somaliland independence was obtained at the cost of 100, 000 lives and the destruction of the property accumulated more than 100 years. Somaliland independence was obtained the death and destruction committed by dictatorship regime against innocent Somaliland citizens. Farmajo attempt to mobilise daaroodism against Somaliland will be crushed like the way  way SNM has crushed his uncle regime. History which is taught in the form of stories, it would never be forgotten and as Farmajo should learn lessons from past history of Somalia from 26 of June, 1960 and until 26 January, 1991.

Memory is a record of your personal experience. Our memory is the glue that binds all our life together. The moments we share are the moments we keep forever. Memories would not fade conscious effort. Our memory is our diaries that we carry all the time. Each day of our lives make deposits in our memory. Our brain has vast memory storage. Somaliland people had experienced dark days that never fade from memories. The agony of the past has become glue in their minds. Somaliland people will not forget the aerial bombardment and artillery shelling of his uncle regime that change Somaliland cities and towns under the rubble. The genocide committed by his uncle regime against unarmed civilians including women, children and elders will never erase from the mind of Somaliland people. This will remain everlasting being the horrified act in the history of Somaliland.

Somaliland independence reminds us those patriots who fought and suffered to win our freedom. Independence is the freedom of the soul, a perception of the mind and a feeling understood by the heart. Somaliland people were put to jail without committing any offense, detained without cause. Their properties were looted. Their livestock was taken by force. Innocent civilians were forced to pay ransom for their lovely ones detained by regime. The agony of the people cannot be described in words. Somaliland independence reminds us of the patriots and martyrs who laid down their lives for the country. Martyrs are considered holy or are respected by their followers, becoming symbols of exceptional leadership and heroism in the face of difficult circumstances. SNM Martyrs played significant roles in liberation movement.  SNM liberation struggle has reshaped Somaliland history.

Farmajo is by-product of Sayid Barre regime and peace will never come in horn of Africa unless those who committed mass murdering against unarmed Somaliland civilians be brought to justice. The horror committed by merciless regime against unarmed civilians including women, children and elders is pasted in minds and hearts of Somaliland people and will never be erased even generations to come as this become part of Somaliland history. The world has experienced ruthless dictators and Sayid Bare regime was typical example. Sayid Bare regime rule was based total control information; regulate every aspect of public, private life, fear, detention, heavy penetration of internal security. Morgan authorised aerial and artillery bombardment every city and town of Somaliland. he regime forces also attacked and destroyed villages. Infantry forces exterminated civilians fleeing aerial and artillery bombardments. Many civilians had perished in hunger and thirst while fleeing from the regime aerial and artillery bombardments. Every Somaliland citizen  became a target for the regime. The regime made every effort committing mass killings and to destroy every building in Somaliland cities and towns.

Looting the property of the civilians by the regime forces was daily occurrence. The system was typically like the law of jungle. The regime has committed thousands of crimes against humanity during his rule that lasted over 20 years.  Civilians lived in terror. Freedom of speech, civil rights was abolished by the regime. The courts of the regime became like detention centres. People were forced to pay compulsory ransoms of money. People were arrested without court of law. Anyone found connection with SNM was subject of torture if not killed. No had right to defend himself against false charges. The whole country became a big jail for Somaliland population. Torture, illegal arrest and false accusation were daily practice against innocent civilians.  Peace will never come in horn of Africa unless those who committed mass murdering against unarmed Somaliland civilians brought to justice to pay their crimes against unarmed innocent citizens

The regime has committed indiscriminate mass murdering against unarmed population in Somaliland from 1982 and until 1990. Most common synonym is genocide. Kosovo, Cambodia. The concept of war crimes developed particularly at the end of the 19th century and beginning of the 20th century, when international humanitarian law, also known as the law of armed conflict, was codified. The Hague Conventions adopted in 1899 and 1907 focus on the prohibition to warring parties to use certain means and methods of warfare. Several other related treaties have been adopted since then. In contrast, the Geneva Convention of 1864 and subsequent Geneva Conventions, notably the four 1949 Geneva Conventions and the two 1977 Additional Protocols, focus on the protection of persons not or no longer taking part in hostilities. Sayid Bare regime did not paid attention any kind humanity but contrary did not spare any effort to make extermination and mass killings.

Dictators believes the only means to keep power is to make fear to his people, oppress them, prohibit their rights, keep them under pressure, keep continual harassment, compel his people to praise him and song for him. Above are common negative traits about Sayid Barre rule that lasted 22 years. Sayid Bare regime had considered the Somaliland people as his enemies and anti revolutionary. The regime had the slogans of fighting the enemies of the revolution.  The former regime made laws to deprive justice and commit injustice against anyone found not loyal the regime.

The blucher of Hargeisa, Morgan must be brought to justice to pay the cost for his savage killings against unarmed civilians. The horn of Africa will not be stabilised unless those who committed mass killings against unarmed population in Somaliland over 22 years be brought to justices. Sayid Baree regime has summarily killed over 100, 000 unarmed population in ex-north Somalia from 1982 until 1990. The brutality of the regime cannot be described in words. The regime warplanes and artillery have bombed civilian targets and population centres, hitting every building including mosques, schools and markets. Scores of war planes have bombed fleeing population. The regime military leaders had the order and instruction to kill the local population as much as could do. The killings did not differentiated women, children and elders. The regime did not spare any effort every effort to make Hargeisa under rubble and destroy every building of the city. The assets of the people accumulated over 100 years have been destroyed in few days. Women wiped and children have cried in view of the brutality of the destruction and the bombings. The regime forces have not demonstrated any mercy to the civilian population. The lives of the people and their property became like the property of the regime.

Injustice boils people’s hearts like the way 100 degree centigrade boils the water. The aggressors were the judges of the so called courts and the victims were no right to defend them against false accusations. Laws were  made for the purpose of establishing justice, but the regime laws were made to commit injustices. All over the world, when someone will hurt you, you are protected with the laws. The person can be held responsible and can be detained to jail once proven guilty, but in former regime the victims were accused being doing unlawful. The death and destruction committed by dictatorship regime against Somaliland people is the source of Somaliland independence. The death and destruction committed by dictatorship regime against Somaliland people is the source of Somaliland independence.

Somaliland independence is product of decade-long armed struggle against harsh rule. The war of liberation aided the formation of the Somaliland national identity. The atrocities and the mass graves found many parts of Somaliland is the foundation of independence. The blood of SNM martyrs is the foundation of Somaliland.   The genocide committed against Somaliland people by merciless regime is the foundation of Somaliland independence. The death of 100, 000 Somaliland innocent civilians including women and children killed by brutal regime is the foundation of Somaliland independence. The destruction of Somaliland cities is the foundation of Somaliland independence. The bombing in Hargeisa by brutal system is the foundation of Somaliland independence.  Without liberty, there is no independence, without liberty, there is no dignity, without liberty, there is no freedom without liberty there is no respect, without liberty no freedom, freedom without liberty there is no progress, without liberty no light.

The history of every country is the memory of their past. All events that are remembered reserved in historical record. Historical discourse is to identify the sources which can most usefully contribute to the production of accurate accounts of past. Historians have recorded events of the past. SNM struggle is an integral part of Somaliland history. During Sayid Bare regime, Somaliland people lived in cycle of violence, harassment, intimidation, looting, killings, rapping women in the hands of their own government which is supposed to protect their rights. The system of government was the law of the jungle which mean the muscle determine the right and rights. The so called Somali army and security agents used  behave like the law of the jungle. Many top government posts were no are no go zone for most of the people originated from the north on the basis of discrimination and tribalism.

Being independent means being able to take care of your own needs and to make and assume responsibility for your decisions while considering both the people around you and your environment. Every human being has the basic right of respect both of himself and by his fellow man. People have the right to be free of fear. They have the right to find peace in the understanding and acceptance of who they are, but only to the extent that their rights do not intrude on the rights and beliefs of others. Each person’s rights end where the dignity of others begins. Human dignity involves respect and compromise among the different people of any society. The unity demonstrated by Somaliland people during liberation struggle is the foundation of Somaliland independence.

Freedom is importance of freedom in our life. Sayid Barre regime iron fist policy, absolute ruler, brutal tactics and absences of freedom has generated Somaliland in May 18, 1991 as nothing can stop willing hearts. Freedom has enabled mankind to create the highest standard of living in history. freedom is like precious stone .Countless people have given their lives so that you may live free. Freedoms lost are extremely difficult to get back. If you don’t recognize how precious your freedom is, and speak out against anyone trying to take it, you will lose your freedom.. History never really says goodbye. History says, ‘See you later, Eduardo Galeano. The history of the past is but one long struggle upward to equality, Elizabeth Cady Stanton.. This freedom, perception and more importantly, this feeling is that of liberation, patriotism. The great sacrifice for our freedom fighters are remembered, which serves as a beacon light for the development of this great country. The whole nation pays homage to freedom fighters s who has laid down their lives for the honour of this country. 18 May is the product for the genocide committed by the most dictatorship system in Africa.

Thousands of men and women have made the ultimate sacrifice, so many live have been lost and so many changed forever by the wounds that they have suffered in their lives.  Thousands of freedom fighters died for this country, we need to have thousands of Sympathizers. SNM fighting men and women sacrifice much to ensure that our great nation stays free. Patriotism is voluntary. It is a feeling of loyalty and allegiance that is the result of knowledge and belief. A patriot shows their patriotism through their actions, by their choice. Wars may be fought with weapons, but they are won by men.

SNM has defeated the former Somali army which is believed the most powerful army in the African continent. Somaliland borders was designed the European colonizers in Africa in 1884 and its border covers the same area as that of the former Somaliland Protectorate. Somaliland is bordered by the Gulf of Aden to the north; Somalia to the east; the Federal Republic of Ethiopia to the south and the west; and the Republic of Djibouti to the North West. Therefore, the geography map of the Somaliland coincides with that during Somaliland Protectorate map before 1960. Somaliland sets out clearly the international boundaries which were delineated under a series of international ional agreements. The boundary between Somaliland and Somalia was defined in the Anglo-Italian Protocol of May 1894. Somaliland territory comprised Her Britannic Majesty’s Protectorate of Somaliland. Later, the boundary between Somaliland and Somalia was demarcated by an Anglo-Italian commission in 1929.

Happiness moments include the opportunity of gaining your freedom like 18 of May. Freedom is open window which morning sunlight enters human spirit and human dignity. Money cannot create success but freedom makes success, Nelson Mandela. Somaliland is proud the achievement gained since withdrawing the failed union in May 1991.  As our future depends on each other and we are each other harvest, our destiny is to unite as there is strength and victory in unity. Three things cannot be hidden the sun, the moon and the progresses attained by Somaliland over the last 27 years.

Somaliland separation with Somalia is permanent and not subject of negotiation any more as the agony of the past will never evaporate the memory of Somaliland people. The sovereignty of Somaliland people is not subject of negotiation any more. Only those can understand the meaning of independence that were once caged or captured by someone against their will. Freedom is something that should be a birth right. The future of Somaliland people will be determined by its people and not by Somalia or anyone else from any part of the world.  Farmao is a member of Arab gulf conflicts as he is supporting one side of Arab gulf crisis in the expanse of the majority of Arab Gulf states like UAE, Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Farmao became proxy element to be used against UAE and Saudi Arabi and Somaliland. He become Qatari agent in Somalia.  He is a tool to be used against Somaliland, but whatever he do against Somaliland people will be abortive as Somaliland is standing concentrate pillars whereas the failed government of Somalia standing an insect leg.

Farmajo has expressed his dislike and enmity against Somaliland people when he invited the butcher of Hargeisa Morgan in his election inauguration ceremony. Somaliland people had experienced death and destruction when Butcher of Hargeisa, Morgan had ordered his brutal army to bomber Hargeisa in effort to kill the maximum they could do and put the city under the rubble.  Farmajo has hurt the feelings of four million populations. Farmajo has invited the butcher of Hargeisa Morgan in his election inauguration ceremony on the basis of tribalism. Feelings decide everything in this world. Sympathy and empathy are both acts of feelings. People’s feeling doesn‘t have any conditions or boundaries. All of us have experienced sad days. Farmajo has ignored the sad days of Somaliland when he invited the butcher of Hargeisa Morgan in his election inauguration ceremony.  The hundreds of mass graves found in Somaliland did made any concern to him. The destruction of Somaliland cities and towns did make any impact with him. The genocide Sayid Barre regime inflected against Somaliland citizens did made concern to him. The bombing against innocent civilians did not constitute  any meaning to him. The horror stories committed against unarmed civilians did not made any concern to him. Friends and enemies are two different things in the world.  Farmajo is considered number one enemy of Somaliland as he hurt the feelings of millions Somalilanders.

Somaliland strategic importance was known for centuries being the crossroads of the Horn of Africa and the Middle East. Somaliland is a bridge that connects several continents of the world. Strategically, Somaliland is located in the African gateway and at the Southern shores of the Red Sea which is one of the busiest waterways around the world. The geographic location of Somaliland has both uncontested commercial and defence strategies. The country has a close proximity to the Gulf region -the major source of world energy. Somaliland has the advantage of becoming an important international sea and air traffic hub.  Somaliland will give the region and beyond an extra ordinary commercial and geopolitical leverage in horn of Africa. The bottom line is, as no one can reverse hours passed away, equally no can change Somaliland people determination to independence.  No one can overrule Somaliland people statehood. SNM has restored the dignity deprived Somaliland by Sayid Bare regime. At present, Somaliland people are enjoying the fruits of SNM liberation struggle that brought into end Sayid Bare rule in January 1991

Ismail Lugweyne


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