Cornell Muse Bihi’s administration Signed, sealed delivered Somaliland’s airspace to Somalia …Why ?!

The decisions regarding the management of Somalia airspace have been derived from the United Nations Security Council Resolutions Numbers 814 and 837 (1993), which mandated UNOSOM to secure all ports and airports for the delivery of humanitarian assistance. The UNOSOM operation was concluded in 1995, and the ICAO agreement expired at the end of the peacekeeping mission.

The Somali government on Monday announced that it has officially regained control and management of its airspace after 27 years being run by the United Nations International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regional office in Nairobi , the Nairobi office is officially terminated  and staff transferred to Mogadishu .

Somali Minister of Transport and Civil Aviation, Mohamed Abdulahi Salad, said that all equipment for the control of the airspace is ready and fully functional with its staff who were in Kenya’s capital city of Nairobi are now in Mogadishu also the minister said soon all the staff will be Somali nationals.

Salad thanked all those who have played a role in the return of Somalia’s airspace control back to local oversight.

 Somalia and Somaliland started 6 years ago as equal partners negotiating Somalia airspace in Istanbul Turkey,  but former Somaliland government needed  President Hassan Sheikh Mohamoud’s signature for selling Berbera port that was the reason that led  the transfer  of the Somaliland Airspace Control to Somalia as it  has been authorized by previous administration of  president Ahmed Mahmud Silanyo. Its revealed by former Somalia aviation minister Saaed Jama Qorsheel during an interview with Goob-jog TV in Mogadishu where he also named former minister Mahmud Hashi Abdi as a signatory

Long time coming cornell Muse Bihi Abdi’s  administration 

Signed, sealed delivered Somaliland’s airspace to Somalia …Why ?! 

Somaliland situation is Ya Ilaahi


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