Puntland Rejects Tukaraq Peace …., Is there a warmonger penalty for refusing a peace offering ?! just asking international community …IS HE QURANJECEL OR RWANDAJECEL ?!

Ousted from TukaRaq in a Somaliland/ SCC military  intervention in 18 January 2018, the Puntalnd Militias has been waging a violent insurgency to try to topple SSC’s  Somaliland-backed militia’s and re-establish a chaos in TukaRaq area similar to that prior to 18 January when Puntland Militias almost killed prominent  SSC ( Sool , sanag, Ayn ) elder Graad Jama’a Garaad Ismail Duale .

Following a meeting of the Quadrilateral Coordination Group made up of representatives of the Ethiopia, Djibouti, United Nations and IGAD, officials said they expected direct peace talks between the Somaliland government and the Puntland regional government of Somalia to begin in June.

But the Puntland , which calls itself the federal government bad cop in parts of Somaliland ( SSC region ) while Mogadishu is playing the role of the good cop  , denied it would be participating in any forthcoming talks in June . “We reject all such rumors and unequivocally state that the leader of   Puntland has not authorized anyone to participate in such meeting ” he said the war info minister of Puntalnd officially minister of information Mr. Quranjel .

It is widely believed that so-called hate media led by minister of information of Puntland Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed jama’a aka Quranjel had a significant part to play in the war in TukaRaq , during which 150.000 people displaced   also a lot of innocent people died  ……. to be fair at Somaliland Side Chiarman Faysal Ali Warabe who holds no office often uses fire and fury language very colorful sometimes too colorful but he never asks Somalilanders to grab weapons while the other side as late as this morning Mr. Abdullahi Mohamed jama’a aka Quranjel was asking on national television Puntland people  young , old , women, men even children to garb weapons and fight Somaliland /SSC without execration he was sounding like Radio Rwanda  who was established in 1993 and opposed peace talks between the government of President Juvenal Habyarimana and the Tutsi-led rebels of the Rwandan Patriotic Front, which now forms the government.

Virtaul hate Radio Quraanjecel or Rwandajecel  is established to oppose peace talks between Somaliland and Somalia as election stunt for the Puntland’s next elections .

We are Somalilanders peace activist we are tough against our government to stop this unnecessary bloodshed our elders , politicians , human rights activists  ridicule and criticize Chairman Faysal Ali Warabe whenever they feel he went rogue .

We wander where Puntland’s Peace Activists are ?! Where are your civil societies? Is there freedom of speech in Puntland ?! We hope someone will call halt to this failed bloody election campaign of Mr . Qurandjecel or Rwandajecel and Mr. Amay the vice president.

Experts called the agreement  between Mr. Trump and Mr. Kim Jong Un a “warm and fuzzy pile of generalities and old news …….Old news or new news we applaud both gentlemen by giving peace a chance Cornell Muse Bihi Abdi of Somaliland and Mr AbdiHakim Hagi Omar Amay of Puntland  who can manage to stop TukaRaq war can learn here something  , always give the peace a chance .

Somaliland  offered a peace offering (peace for peace) after they  invade of the remote post of TukaRaq , according our source President AbdiWali Gas accepted the offer which starts with a cease fire , withdrawal of troops , humanitarian help injection and ultimately creating buffer zone at TukaRaq area making it demilitarized zone  but his vice president Mr. AbdiHakim Abdillahi Hagi Omar Amay is the one refusing any peace agreement using this war as election campaign for the upcoming election simply he is the warmonger ,  Is there a warmonger penalty for refusing a peace offering ?! just asking international community after all he is an  American citizen and  United states  of America’s ambassador along with other western countries promise us they will impose sanctions against their citizens involved corruption or any other illegal acts in Somalia .

Reflecting on this, the spirit of our times, we start to ask some basic questions–questions to Mr. AbdihaKIM Hagi Omar Amay we are sure millions of  Puntlanders and Somalilanders ask every day,. “Is violence inevitable? Is war inevitable? Is there any way we can pursue a path of transformation for Dhulahante clan ? can they call both Somaliland and Puntland home ? we wonder …..!



Ahmed Jigga


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