More the 11 killed when Punt land and Somalia militia attack in Sool Region Somaliland.

Lasanod -(Sool Somaliland) On 28 May 2018 a peaceful peace full  Village  in Sool region Somaliland turned into violence when Puntland and Somalia federal government authorities responded with the use of excessive force and live ammunition against the  unarmed civilian demonstrators.

Large crowds of villagers in the village of godqabobe in Sool  region Somaliland, come to gather to protest against the fighting and the occupation of Sool region by Puntland and Somalia federal government in Tukaraq town  which is 15 km away from the village of godqabobe. The demonstration has drawn several hundreds of villagers from local  people in Sool region Somaliland  who had suffered  years of oppression and persecution in the hands of Puntland and Somalia federal government authorities. They were demanding full withdrawal of  Puntland and Somalia federal government authorities from Sool region and buuhoodle district.

Eye witnesses in village of godqaboobe confirm that at least 11people were killed and 45 others were wounded in the attack. More than 110 people have been detained and transferred to prisons in Bosaso and Garowe in Puntland a region party of Somalia federal government. A large number of detainees were women and children. Some of the people that was killed in the attack  their names was Abdi aadan Jama, Hasan Farah Said, Hirsi salah Alow, Guled Dirir Herzi, Bashiir Ahmed Gowdhan, Libah Yare Ali Galaydh. There were well confirmed report that Mohamed abdulaahi farmaajo so called Somalia president  and the president of Puntland region of Somalia Abdiweli mohammed ali gaas has ordered the randomly  and cold blooded fire attack on the civilian  protestors.

Eyewitnesses, also confirmed that Puntland and Somalia federal government authorities had used thesuperior PS forces, supported financially and trained by the United States, to carry out this series attacks on the civilians in east Sool region of Somaliland and surrounding areas. This claim raises questions of whether  the United States government aware about the use of these forces which, if it is true, could involve the United States in Somalia’s tribal conflict and does not linked their participation in the international community’s efforts to find peaceful solution to Somalia aggression against Somaliland peace and stability.

It supposed that the UN Special Envoy to Somaliland and Somalia Michael Keating has not shown strong position in this conflict  to settle the dispute fairly and the report that he wrote to the United Nation of the Security Council, has failed to explain the Puntland and Somalia federal government  aggression against Somaliland  in Southern party of Sool Region (SOMALILAND)  was the primary  cause of this new armed clashes in the region.

Many people who live in this once Peacefull area of Somaliland are deeply concern about the deadly attacks on civilians in Southern party of Sool Region (SOMALILAND). They demand a rapid independent investigation into these barbaric attacks on peaceful civilians in Sool Region Somaliland and unashamedlyviolation of universal human rights of the people who live in Sool Region of  SOMALILAND.

Writen By Anwar Ahmed Dirir


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