Aljazeera TV channel become part of Arab gulf Arab states conflict as the channel broadcasts propaganda war and biased coverage against UAE, Saudi Arabia and Somaliland.

Al Jazeera became the centre of feud pitting Saudi Arabia against Qatar. The Arab coalition against Qatar demanding that Qatar close Al Jazeera, and agree to 12 other conditions, before dropping their blockade. Al Jazeera was launched in 1996 aiming to provide an independent journalism, but the channel became propaganda machine for Qatari government. The channel used as a propaganda tool by the government of Qatar to help to advance its agenda on the international stage. Al Jazeera Arabic news channel is an instrument of Qatari influence and expressions. Qatari government use the channel as a bargaining tool to repair relationships with other countries. The channel became remote control in the hands of Qatari government. Some described Al Jazeera Arabic as Nazi- and Soviet- style propaganda.

They described the channel as an instrument of incitement and propaganda in the disgraceful style of Nazi Germany or the Soviet Union. In the past, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, and Bahrain announced that they were breaking diplomatic ties with Qatar, confiscating its currency in their banks and closing Saudi air space and territorial waters to Qatar. Al Jazeera news coverage aimed to promote Qatari leader’s political agendas. The channel broadcasts news coverage intended to give bad picture about UAE and Saudi Arabia which is different the reality in the ground. Al Jazeera becomes the voice of Qatari leadership. The channel has broken the ethics of journalism by instigating bad image against about UAE and Saudi Arabia which is not true. Media should present their news in an unbiased way to allow viewers to form their own Views, but unfortunately, this is not the case of. This channel is behind the unrest in Bahrain sponsored by Iran.

The channel is front runner for the of Arab gulf Arab states conflict. Al Jazeera being Qatari agent, the channel confronted UAE to serve Qatari political agenda. The Qatari state run media outlet is “promoting lies against UAE and Saudi Arabia. Al Jazeera Arabic slammed for a lack of professionalism after airing remarks encouraged the killing of innocent citizens of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, amounting to what one media commentator called a “declaration of war. A presenter on the Qatari news channel repeated comments calling Houthis militias to target airports in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The channel encourages attacks on civilians at airports in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. Somalia leadership in Mogadishu who are the protection of more than 20,000 African peace keeping forces are remote control in hands of Qatari leadership. Farmajo who cannot come out his presidential palace without an envoy of armored vehicles has sold Somalia to Qatari leadership. The channel employs propaganda against Somaliland.

The channel employs propaganda war against UAE, Saudi Arabia and Somaliland. Al Jazeera all the time interviews so called Somali politicians to speak against the legitimate interest of Somaliland. Even though these so called Somali politicians cannot walk freely the streets of Mogadishu, however, they behave as if they have political control over Somaliland even though Somaliland withdraw the failed union with Somalia in May 1991. These so called politicians should free Mogadishu from Al-Shabib rule instead of making day dreaming about Somaliland. The so called Somali politicians cannot walk freely the streets of Mogadishu while they all time employs propaganda against Somaliland. These so called Somali politicians should know Somaliland is not Somalia. These so called Somali politicians engages all the time fooling themselves. They are very much aware Somaliland split Somalia over 27 years ago. NO one of them include the so called president Farmajo can step their foot in Somaliland. They should know their dream cannot convert Somaliland to Somalia as the idea of Somaliweyne became an end when Somaliland withdraw the failed with Somalia in May 1991. Their propaganda war against Somaliland intends to satisfy themselves and for local consumption.




Ismail Lugweyne.


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