Somalilanders in the US raising money for the Cyclone –affected people and encourages self-reliance of Somaliland nationals

The Somaliland Community of Greater Washington, DC, and Somaliland Community of Minnesota; in response to the presidential appeal on urgent humanitarian relief assistance for the people  affected by the recent Cyclone “Sagar” storms in Somaliland; and per the related informing circulars of the Somaliland Diaspora Agency issued to all Somalilanders abroad, started fundraising campaign within all the US States somalilanders are resident to raise money and  so that enter for the relief operations towards the estimated nearly 100,000 population affected in the Cyclone landed settlements and districts under Sahil, Selel, Awdal and Sanaag regions.

 This initiative of the fundraising campaign include forming committees in certain states to raise money from the Somalilanders, and fundraising via account created in the Gofundme for receiving donations  not only from Somalilanders but also from all kind, sympathetic and compassionate humans in the world


Your donating is conntributing to supporting vulnerable households who are in need of urgent humanitarian relief assistance in the areas of food security, shelter, clothes, water and medicine for the immediate response and further support in recovering from the impact in the long term. They need your help in this critical time.

For further information also click an watch this  YouTube video:



Jamal Yusuf Daroor


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