Somaliland deleopment fund ( DFS ) and USAID donors  inveigh against corruption, yet give more aid to corrupted Kulmiye government in Somaliland . Debate continues on the causes of Somaliland  corruption, but with little consideration of the possibility that the behaviour of donors may unintentionally promote corruption . The corruption in Somaliland grew rapidly in the last eight years of Kulmiye party regimes . We  argue that the donor community is prepared to tolerate quite blatant corruption if the Kulmiye party rapidly puts into place ‘ Disputed election ’ as policy changes.  Somalilanders are divided , but the group which challenged high level corruption also criticised Somaliland development fund ( DFS ) and USAID donors adjustment policies; donors opted for the corrupt faction that told the donors what they wanted. Donors try to avoid the issue by concentrating on institutional reform, which the corrupt faction has so far been able to bypass. The issue is compounded by Somaliland’s reputation as one of the donor’s few success stories in Somalia , and donors are reluctant to besmirch that image by publicly raising the corruption issue .

USAID should file complaints against  Somaliland NGO’s  for alleged corruption, misappropriation and embezzlement  . USAID funds were given to the families of NGO’s responsible for the funds what happened in Somaliland with USAID aid money  is exactly  what happened in Pakistan ….simple research  can shed  light on this specific issue .
There is no management. There is no control from the government on Somaliland Development Funds ( DFS ) and the two colonels Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi and Mr. Mohamed kahin Ahmed They are talking one thing and doing another ..  they said we will build inclusive government they came up with exclusive government you just have to look the list of the names of individuals met with UK Ambassador  in Somalia / Somaliland  Mr. David Concar :
Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi  , ( Tribe : Habara Awal )
Minister of Foreign affairs , Dr Sacad Cali Shire.( Tribe : Habara – Awal )
Interior Minister , Colonel  Maxamed Kaahin Axmed.(  Tribe :  Habar Jelo )
Education Minister, Prof. Yaasiin Maxamuud Xiir (Faratoon)( Tribe :  Dhulbahante )
Planning Minister , Cawaale Ibraahim Shirwac.( Tribe : Samaroon )
Minister of Defence , Mudane Ciise Axmed Yuusuf. ( Tribe : Warsageli )
Military chief of staff, Sareeye Gaas Nuux Ismaaciil Taani( Tribe : Habara Awal )
Police Commander , Sareeye Gaas Cabdilaahi Fadal Iimaan ( Tribe : Arab )
Chief justice , Aadan Xaaji Cali Axmed. ( Tribe : Habara Awal )
​We are tribe union it is not a secrect but only special tribe is here over represented  that was how they allocated funds last seven and half years the same will be true this year
Amount of Somaliland Development Fund ( DFS ) aid Money  allocated per region
1. West Hargeisa district : 29 million dollars
2. Eastren  Togdheer 10 million dollars
3. Sahil Region :  8.96 million dollars
4. Gabiley Region :  4.14 million dollars
5. Awdal Region :  3.2 million dollars
6. Sanaag Region : 3.2 million dollars
7 Sool 3.2 million dollars
Maybe they will use population size  as a excuse that some area are more populated than the other but is Gabiley more populated than Awdal ? really  or Eastern Togdheer is more populated than Sanaag and what happen to Oodweyne region oh MY BAD it’s Garhajis region that is the main faction of Isaac  ( Garhjis Tribe  ) not allowed  to meet with UK Ambassador Mr. David Concar during talks of Somaliland Development Fund allocation how those $25 million donated this year will be utilized ?!
Let us not forget the main objective of this aid money is to develop minorities it is part of millennium goals to eradicate the poverty or at least lift up some minority communities from poverty …, minority group in Somaliland The Gabooye people didn’t  receive  one penny  from the USAID and Somaliland Development Fund ( DFS ) aid money past seven and half years next five years will not be better because  Head of state of Somaliland Colonel Muse Bihi animosity towards the minorities is spilling over into all areas of our society .  colonel Musa plainly told government minister who was from Gabooye Tribe once ” oh yeah , your are from the untouchables It was not God’s intention that you experience his grace ” we don’t think colonel Muse Bihi Abdi changed his mind …….
We urge all Somalilanders to unite against this injustice and write to donor countries to intervene by giving directly each region their projects by copying Turkish development funds in Mogadishu even some people are asking themselves loudly is Turkish money  HALAL AND OTHER  DONOR MONEY HARAM BECAUSE  EACH AND EVERY PROJECT LED BY TURKISH GOVERNMENT IN MOGADISHU IS SUCCESSFUL WHILE EACH PROJECT LED BY WESTERN COUNTRIES IS FAILURE IN SOMALILAND AND ELSE WHERE LOOK HARGEISA WATER SUPPLY OR ROAD CONSTRUCTIONS IN HARGEISA , LASANOD , BURAO , BORAMA …… ETC .  IN ISLAM WE BELIEVE EVERY DONATION MONEY IS HALAL BUT IT’S THE MANAGEMENT AND FOLLOW UP STUPID ! …….


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