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The fragile government in Somalia has contracted Buurmdaow to destroy Somaliland, but if wishes were horses, beggars will be the first to ride which mean a dead wish

Villa Somalia has licensed Buurmdaow to create conflicts, divisions, build walls and create never ending crisis in Somaliland.  He is the machine beyond the never ending conflicts in Somaliland eastern region.  Nothing make him happy this guy either than Somaliland youth kill each other or Somaliland women, elders flee from their homes due to tribal conflicts. . This is what source enjoyment for him.. Comparatively, the trouble maker is identical the former Somali war lords in Mogadishu chased out by Islamic courts in the past. The guy consider the shameful language that he commonly generate him good reputation for him He believes the naked tribalism he often speaks makes him a qualitative personality. Speaking in Dubai over a phone, the guy has confirmed being the official spokesman of villa Somalia. This is why, he all the time praises villa Somalia which the international transparency index and spoke all, the time against his homeland and often discredit the flourishing image of his country.   He proved being a traitor who at sold his identity to villa Somalia in exchange of lump sum of dollars.  The guy is the center for the conflict in Ceelafweyne that the lives of tens of Somaliland youth.   He has deeply rooted enmity against his own people, his country and his homeland. Nothing makes him this guy either than causing bloodshed among his people. His ill intention is to blackmail Somaliland government to be bribed to remain silent. But Somaliland is bigger than the evil intention of this trouble maker. He believes speaking street language will make him strong.

He thinks speaking naked tribalism will make him powerful.  He betrayed his people and his country in an effort to danger the lives of his people and the backbone of his betrayal is to get financial benefits to villa Somalia protected by over 22, 000.00 African peace keeping troops. His betrayal against his homeland is the deception of his own country and his own people. It is the unfaithfulness of his own people. He is identical to Israeli agents in Palestine hired by Israel to assistant Palestine freedom fighters. Speaking moral based language did not constitute any value for him.  He is wearing an eyes glass that he can see only his own clan and no one else.

As general rule quality and reputation of any person whether public or private is determined the way that person expose his thoughts to others positively or negatively. In reality, he is the benchmark of evil actions. Somaliland government should not keep blind eyes the destructive deeds of this trouble maker who is a threat to the live Somaliland and its people.  The guy consider Somaliland as jungle and this why he behaves like the rule of the jingle whereby everyone has the right to do anything he liked even eating human flesh.  He behaves like the days of Stone Age whereby the muscle power was determining factor for justice. He should be extracted from UAE  so that,  the rule of law  its course in Somaliland in an effort this trouble maker appear in court of law, so that, the trouble maker pay the cost of the crimes he has committed against his people and his country.

He is the symbol of tribalism in Somaliland.  Tribalism effected this guy has made serious threat many parts of Africa. There is great difference between tribe and tribalism. Tribe is the source of our origin, but Tribalism is different. Tribalism effected this guy is destructive, source of setback and lack of development in many Africa. Tribalism has eaten deep fabric effect for this trouble maker. Tribalism effected this trouble maker is a feeling to believe that your tribe is superior to the other clans of same country which is a form of superiority complex. In conclusion, this trouble make is slave on his tribal mentality.



Ismail Lugweyne