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List of individuals Awarded Honor Certificate by AYID

AYID is a local NGO engaged in the development of eastern regions; the headquarters of the organization is in Erigavo city.  AYID has implemented many projects and programs including digging of water wells, construction of water reservoirs (berkado) and establishment of youth police station; Furthermore, AYID has undertaken conflict resolution activities in eastern regions.

In every five years, AYID awards certificate of honor to individuals who make significant contribution to the development of the society. AYID bases its decision on studies and surveys it undertakes to determine which persons should be awarded certificates of honor. The aim of this award is to encourage such persons to continue their significant contribution to the society.

Officials who will be awarded certificates of honor this year include the following:

1.     Ali Ibrahim Jamac (Baqdaadi    Govornor of Central Bank

2.     Abdishakur   Idin                       Mayor of Berbera city

3.     Shukri Hagi Bandare                  Minister of Environment

4.     Mohamed Ahmed Alin                Governor of Sanaag Region

5.     Sa’ad Ali Shire                           Minister of Finance

6.     Isamil Haji Nour                         Mayor of Erigavo

 We commend above individuals for their contribution to the development of the society. And Government

AYID is committed to awarding certificates of honor to individuals who contribute to the wellbeing and development of the Somaliland society.
Dr:Seed M.Husen
     AYID Director