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Somaliland: Thanks to President Dahir Riyaal Kaahin for Process Democracy

After the declaration withdrawal, Somaliland elected three presidents and only one parliamentary government. The only president to have boldly implemented the democratization of Somaliland and transferred the power peaceful to his successor was Dahir Riyaale Kahin. President Kahin, was also the was the first and the last president that conducted three elections, Presidential election, Local Government and House of Representative.

Since Somaliland has got its own self-ruling policy for almost 30 years, the presidential as well as Upper and Lower House have been extending their stay without any justification. Somaliland constitution clearly defines the reasons for extensions, “Dire circumstances are: a wide war, internal instability, serious natural disasters, such as earthquakes, epidemic diseases, (and) serious famines; and shall be determined and resolved by the House of Elders on the proposal of the Council of Government” exclusive of dire circumstances short of that there is no way an extension had occurred whatsoever. Therefore, anyone who has deliberately broken the Somaliland constitution should be brought to justice. No matter who he was or who he is.

President Dahir Riyaal Kaahin is the only president that implement a full democracy process. In 2005, after the parliament passed election bill that made them hold an impossible election, president Dahir Riyaale Kahinly forceful suspended the parliament by requested the supreme court endorsement. President Dahir Riyaal Kahin had courageous to execute democracy and conduct the elections on time.

The parliamentary bill was an excuse and difficult, because it was held on two requirements; first one was that all voters be registered before election day, which would have taken years to do or perhaps would not happen until Somaliland becomes a developed country. Even after 15 years, we are not close to doing it. The second requirement was the vote be held in every region of the country include Sool region, which was impossible. The Sool region was under the control of militias that were based in the Somalia region of Puntland at that time.

The current member of parliament has continued to block the elections and go along with the pervious parliament’s footsteps. The same obstacles are still ongoing, and they argue that the only way elections can be conducted would be all voters to be registered, seat allocations by regions must be negotiated, and regional demarcation of election areas agreed to all region’s tribes. The current president Muse Bihi Abdi has been timid, fainthearted and hesitant. At the same time, he is not willing to take former president Dahir Riyaal Kahin footsteps.

Somaliland’s election being postponed is not acceptable and does not make sense for many reasons. Seventeen years without election for house of representative, twenty-two years of the Lower House without election is undemocratic, unconstitutional and unacceptable. Not only has the house been illegally seated, but the local governments have been sitting illegally too. The main obstacle is the president. The president is the one who commenced the delay, because of submitting a written demanded by the house of elders. As we know it, postponing the presidential, parliamentary and local government elections clearly invalidates the Supreme Court on August 18, 2015 and February 26, 2005.
Face the consequence

Postponing the elections is not acceptable. Those who perpetrated an unlawful act must face consequences. It is a crime by depriving the rights of Somaliland citizens. Citizens have the right to be elected and at the same time caste their votes free and fair; therefore, anyone who infringed that constitutional right, ought to face consequences.
Thanks to the non-state movement (Madasha wadatashigga). This non-government organization instigated through the process of legal channels to tackle unconstitutional extension of parliament and local government. The non-state movements like Golaha Madasha have a right to be questioned and asked to explain the reason behind postponing the national elections. I would like to encourage other civil society to support non-state movement like (madasha wadatashigga).

It’s unnecessary to protest or demonstrate on the streets, but there are many other channels that you may be able to express your feelings such as civil disobedience. Any non-violent protests are available to you. There are plenty of tactics to raise awareness. Civil disobedience is passive or non-violent resistances, the only reason for doing it is in hopes of making a political change.


Osman Awad