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Somaliland: Situation Still Tense In The Aftermath Of Murdered Officers.

The fallout from the assassination of the two Somaliland Officers, Major Abdillahi Ahmed Tallan and Luietenant Nur Aw Ali Nuh by a group of armed men near Garadag continues to reverberate across Somaliland.
In an extraordinary press conference, Home Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed stated that some of the alleged criminals have been apprehended, along with their vehicles and other suspects who may have assisted in the plot to kill the two officers.
However, as of yet, there has been no sight of the alleged suspects, their vehicles or weapons. Irrespective of whichever community the alleged assassins come from, they are criminals and must face the full measure of the law. Anything else, and we cannot in all seriousness call ourselves a state.
Meanwhile the community which both deceased officers hailed from has been up in arms. According to the community elders, the administration appears to be dragging it’s feet with regard to resolving this issue.
The murder of the two officers has cast a large shadow over the administration, with ministers attacking opposition party leaders and manifesting paranoid  delusions about their links to the tragedy, whilst military and police commanders appear to be putting the blame on the Somaliland media.
To add to this debacle, the Emergency Law Bill put before the joint session of parliament seems to have disappeared down a black hole, and the President appears to have carried on with the imposition of martial law in Erigavo, El-Afwein and Garadag.
It is hoped that with the advent of Ramadan, cooler heads will prevail. But, one thing is certain, this is not finest hour for the administration of President Muse Bihi Abdi and the institutions of Somaliland.
Wa Bilaahi Towfiiq
Ahmed Kheyre