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To whom it may concern;

Cornel Muse Bihi Abdi says so many things that are untrue that his credibility is little to none. His penchant for Garhajis Nation’s hate overrides his ability to absorb sound, logical information.

Now that he is in the spotlight of notoriety, he is acting as if he is guilty of something. He made an unfounded allegation through his fans and security apparatus about Garhajis Nation conference   . Garhajis Nation conference was gathering of Garhajis individuals all over the world at their final day Sunday 07/01/2017 they issued communiqué that we will submit to the international community.

Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi told everyone it was Waddani party gathering trying to politicize the great nation of Garhajis conference. He lashed out with a lie that reflects his own sense of guilt. We think that the gravity of this situation is of the most serious nature in the history of Somaliland. Who in the world would believe this man? The Somalilanders must stand up and stop him from politicizing the truth.

Cornell Muse Bihi Abdi never takes responsibility for his actions. He has blamed everyone around him for the disarray in his administration. He has a tremendous need to justify his behavior with the affirmation, gratitude and respect of his fans.  This Mr. Bihi Abdi’s circus show running amok.

Mr. Muse Bihi  Abdi is not the first president or politician to play the blame game. He is, however, turning blaming others and evading responsibility into an art form. From President Egal to cornel ina Bihi Abdi Dameer , it seems as if somaliland has moved from “ We The People of Somaliland ” to ” We the Jegaan†aland “

  For the record during preparation of the Garhajis Nation Conference Dr. Mohamed Abdilaahi Irro and his shadow secretary of foreign affairs Drs. Fadumo Saed Ibrahim of Waddani party were busy to clean diplomatic mess created by Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi regime seeking national unity which is Mr. Bihi Abdi not interested.


Accepting responsibility is a sign of emotional maturity and psychological resilience. We see non of that qualities Mr. Bihi Abdi .