MEMO – 2018  To International Community

Never Before  We Have Grabbed  A Word Liked Catastrophic To Make A Political Point. It’s Like Pulling A Fire Alarm; If You Do It, There Had Better Be A Fire. There Is A Fire And It’s Raging Within Our Somaliland. We Are Convinced That Since Warlord Muse Bihi Abdi Became Our President, The Harm Done To Our Country Is Nothing Short Of Catastrophic.

There Are Two Men Who Act As Glue For Somaliland Social Fabric One Of Them Is A Very Sick Elder Hagi Abdikarim Hussein Aka Hagi Abdi Warabe The Other Is Chairman Faysal Ali Warabe But Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi Started To Bully Unnecessarily Chairman Faysal Ali Warabe Calling Him The Enemy Of Nation.

 All Over Somaliland There Are Civil Wars Brewing The Latest Is Massacre Of Khayr Abdi Clan Also Known Abdi Garad Sub-Clan Of Dhulbahante Tribe , We The People Condemn That Act Of Barbarism From Bahararsame  Clan And Somaliland Army.

Maybe We Soon Reject Bigoted Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi As Our President Based On His Judgment, Temperament And Character, All Of Which Point To A Reckless, Embarrassing And Ultimately Dangerous Presidency.

·         MEMO-2018 to international community – UPDATE

It Is Worst Kept Secret That Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi Is Managing Somaliland Like A Company Owned By His Own Clan Of Sa’ad Muse . And Who Ever Questions His Style Of Governing Is The Enemy Of The Nation ., As He Lost His Credibility Towards International Community Including Our Neighbors Ethiopia And Djibouti He Starts To Divide Somaliland Using The Fear Cards ( Terrorists And Pirates ) Like Old Dictators Mr. Housni Mubarak And Mr. Zain Alabidin Bin Ali Hoping To Get Attention From Western Countries Through This Fear Mongering.

To Confuse Terrorism With Injustice In Somaliland Is To Play The Terrorist’s Game. Those Who Do So Lack Faith In The Robustness Of The Somaliland Clan System After All According To Our Sources Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi Calls Al-Shabab “Useful Idiots”.

The Division Of Somaliland Into Good Guys And Bad Guys, Unionists ( Grahajis Clan ) And Separatists ( Jeganland ), Terrorists ( Arrab Clan ) And Counter-Terrorists ( Jeganland) , Not Only Insults Peaceful Diplomacy And Promotes Civil War. It Pollutes The Domestic Rule Of Law And Civil Rights Also Kills The Civility In Somaliland.

The Two Colonels Muse Bihi Abdi And Mohamed Kahin Live In A Swirl Of Threat Exaggeration And Self-Absorption, Leaving “No Confidence In The Moral Fabric Of Somaliland “. Words Like Mogadishu , Farmaajo And Somalia , They Need Them Regularly To Deliver Somaliland “A Jolly Good Scare”. Their Paranoia Is No Aid To Democracy Or Humanity, Only Nihilism.


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