Fabricating false stories to spoil the image of great personality has no effect in the ground as lies never survive long time being standing like the leg of insect

The false story invented by unethical journalist against Somaliland minster of finance has influenced me to respond this fabricated story as this is moral responsibility to respond.  The truth is, while in tour, the minister was advocating good governance among members of his ministry staff to improve the ministry performance, but disreputable journalist has converted the minster good intention to bad intentions which is morally wrong. Lying and stealing are next door neighbours and the he punishment of the liar is not to believe him. Inventing false story to harm someone is civil crime against the international law which is subject to stand court trial by the offender. This so called journalist misuse Somaliland democracy to his bad intentions which is lying for purpose to spoil the image of innocent person.

Bad ad people enjoy lying while good people enjoy telling truth. Lying is an embellishment of Satan’s hands and sign of a hypocrite. Falsehood spoils faith. Falsehood deprives the liar from the taste of faith. Lying causes animosity and hatred between people. . The vice of lying questions the character of the liar. Lying is a sin and a transgression. The Islamic Shari’a does not pay heed to a liar’s advice. The worst earning of a man is falsehood. Falsehood is one of the doors of hypocrisy. All over the world, a liar cannot be considered as witness reason being short of trust.


Liars never have peace in their being feeling guilty internally all the time. Truth hurts the liar. A good person cannot become a bad person simply because a liar lied against him. It appears the efficiency of Somaliland minister of finance, Yousef Mohamed Abdi cause a jealousy to some members of Somaliland society but jealousy comes from immature and insecurity minds. Since, the minster was appointed; he has introduced many reforms that improved the performance of the ministry which end result effectiveness of the ministry.

With regards, the tax increase we heard from some members of Somaliland society, the ministry did not increased the dutiable tax even a fraction percent with the exception of Qat which is socially unwanted according to many. Most people have welcomed the reforms the ministry has introduced. When someone did good performance, there is moral duty to everyone among us to express appreciation. We should express appreciation those who deserves. Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well. Voltaire. When things go wrong, we should speak against, but when a thing goes to right directions, we should express appreciation. The bottom line is, lying against innocent person is counter-productive being short lived.

Ismail Lugweyne


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