May 18th party in Somaliland

Lately there has been controversy and division regarding the May 18th party in Somaliland, and our country is very important and especially the day it regained independence after the failed unity of Somalia, be that as it may, Ramadan is around the corner and we can’t have parades and have parties and commit sin at hotels aboard for the May 18th parties especially near Ramadan and Allah will punish Somaliland if the parties are to take place this weekend in North America and Europe so close to Ramadan. On May 18th Ramadan we should have charities and give money to those who don’t have anything and prepare meals for those who can’t provide food, not nightclubbing or having a ball at some hotel in Toronto or at the Marriot in Columbus, we should not have parties in the diaspora especially so close to Ramadan it’s a sin and we should celebrate Somaliland in a good way not a bad and western way.


Thank you if anyone has a problem with my opinion

please contact me at
Mohamud Hussein Columbus Ohio


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