Intimidating will not pressurize the Somaliland government to release the controversial chief Burmadow as no one is above Somaliland judiciary law

The unlawful tribal backing we have noticed through Somaliland media with regard the imprisonment of the chief Burmadow has influenced me to respond as this against Somaliland sovereignty and direct blackmailing to Somaliland government which is morally wrong in every sense. These tribal minded groups that have blood relationship with Burmadow who committed high treason against Somaliland independence, our army forces and falsified against Somaliland president behaved as he is above Somaliland law while the truth is no one above the law and no one is below the law.  There is no law made for traditional leaders and no law made for common people. Equally, there is no law made for male and no law made for women as a result, Somaliland law gave equal rights to Burmadow and Nimco Qowdhan that was sentenced three imprisonments in the past. Under human rights act, human being n every part of the world regardless their gender has equal right under the law.

Being traditional leader will not generate someone extra privilege which is above the common person and a result, every individual who commits unlawful acts against the country is subject to stand trial in front of courts the courts of his country to pay the cost of his illicit act against the country. But those who are unlawfully calling the government to release Burmadow behave as if he is above Somaliland judiciary law. Such provocation will not persuade Somaliland government to pay attention the clan based intimidations. It appears, the rule of law has no meaning for these groups.

These believe blackmailing the government will oblige the government his release lives in midday dreams. These believe fearing the government will force the government his release lives in midday dreams. These believe the government will break the law and order of the country to release him lives in midday dreams. These believe the government will bow down their intimidations lives in midday dreams. These believe threatening government will source his release lives in midday dreams. These believe tribal based calls will generate his release lives in midday dreams.

Tribalism which behaved by these groups is the source of conflicts n many parts in the world in particular the Africa continent. When people have tried everything and discovered that nothing works, they will tend to revert to tribalism. Somaliland did not belong any particular clan, but belong all clan without the expense of others. Tribalism means your tribe must have privilege above other tribes of same country in other words disregard and often disrespect for the tribes  which mean to consider other inferior in contrast with your clan. Tribalism divides us, while nationalism binds us to each other.  In other words tribalism is form of racism. .Tribalism divides people of same country into two camps who are hostile to each other. Tribalism causes greater harm than good in the country. Tribalism is described as the maintenance of tribal loyalty. Tribalism kills more than destructive weapons like AK 47.  AK 47 is most destructive gun in the world as this gun is used killing more than any other gun in the world.  Tribalism builds hidden borderlines between your people based on tribalism.

Tribalism disconnects the bridge that connects people to each other. Tribalism cut the trust between people of same country, same destiny and same future. Tribalism is kind of superiority complex. Tribalism means mental prison. Tribalism ideology failed to produce any fruits to any country. Tribalism behaved by these groups is against peace and stability of this country. Tribalism calls behaved by these groups is type of discrimination. It is the sources of setback and under development in many parts of the world in particular Africa.  It is morally wrong asking Somaliland president to release Burmadow simply because he and his clan have voted Kulmiye party during Somaliland late election.

We should remember during election campaign, president Muse Bihi said, the priority of his government will be to make the law of the country above anyone else and as a result, these tribal minded groups should know their tribal tunes will not influence the government his release and their intimidation against the government will make the government stronger.  In the event Burmadow is true citizen of this country, he should have settled the tribal conflict which is ongoing several years in his own region. Taken into account, his past records, Burmadow is the source of problems, source of Fitni in Somaliland.

He is threat to Somaliland peace and stability.   He never feels shy proclaiming his clan is much superior to other Somaliland clans. Being lacks self confidences; he awarded himself strange titles like king of Africa. While Islam advocates humbleness, contrary he behaved as if he is more important and more valuable in contrast than the rest of people and this because of his short of self confidences on himself.  It is against Somaliland judiciary independence and morally wrong asking Somaliland president to release the controversial chief Buurmadow simply he was voted for Somaliland president in the past. Taken into consideration his past records in Somaliland, Burmadow imprisonment has generated uniting Somaliland across the country as he is not above the law. Law and order exist for the purpose of establishing justice.

The safety of the people shall be the highest law. Law is order, and good law is good order. Good people do not need laws to tell them to act responsibly, while bad people will find a way around the laws, Plato.  The benchmark to recognize true citizen of this country is respecting his country sovereignty which is not in the case of Burmadow.  The controversial chief is hungry to get fame from Somalia while there is a tribal conflicts and killings in his owns  Instead of looking to get fame from Somalia, Burmadow  should concentrate settling the tribal killings in his own region  so that he should get fame from his people and not from Somalia .

Burmadow should know charity begins at home. When you take care of your own home, and then look to care the next door. We extend greetings to Somaliland government that did not pay attention the tribal voices calling to release this controversial chief (Burmadow) since he committed high treason against his country and his people in general. High treason is worst offensive someone has committed against his country   



Ismail Lugweyne-





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