Hargeisa regional court has sentenced five years imprisonment the controversial chief Buurmadow who committed high treason against Somaliland and falsified against Somaliland president

Today, April 26, Hargeisa regional court has sentenced the controversial chief five years imprisonment taken into account three legal cases against Somaliland sovereignty. Speaking in traditional event in Puntland, Buurmadow has committed high treason against Somaliland sovereignty. Buurmadow has claimed being delegated by Somaliland president to represent the event while speaking the traditional event in Puntland which is false and far from reality. He claimed he represents Somaliland president while contrary he did not represents other than himself.  During the court hearing, the controversial chief has insulted Somaliland judiciary.

The highest form of ignorance is when you spoke something you do not know its consequences or something you don’t know anything about it. Nothing is more terrible than to see ignorance in action. Ignorance is the night of the mind, but a night without moon or star. Buurmadow has denied the Somaliland territorial integrity. His intention was to please the ears of Pumtland leaders in the expanse of Somaliland sovereignty and territorial integrity which mean, he opposes the independence and the constitution of Somaliland.  He spoke against Somaliland legality as independent nation. He denied Somaliland existences as independent country.  He described Somaliland army forces that defend our independence from external aggression being stationed outside Somaliland territory.

He behaved as represents Puntland in the expanse of Somaliland. Buurmadow has hurt the feeling of Somaliland people. He considered Somaliland sovereignty as a joke. Today sentences against Buurmadow have pleased the entire Somaliland people from extreme to extreme west. No one is above the law and no is below. The controversial chief failed to differentiate jokes and Somaliland sovereignty. Buurmadow has paid the cost he committed against Somaliland and its people. In the past, the controversial chief was accused ignited the tribal conflict in Somaliland eastern region. The controversial chief is threat to Somaliland peace, sovereignty and unity.



Ismail Lugweyne



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