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Somaliland government to hold flying rights to Fly Dubai and Air Arabia in Somaliland has strong legal grounds as these two airlines extended cooperation to Somaliland strategic enemy, villa Somalia

Somaliland government denying flying rights to Fly Dubai and Air Arabia operating in Somaliland was based Somaliland national interest which is above individual interests.  To begin with, the original permission of Fly Dubai and Air Arabia to operate in Somaliland was based misuse of power by Somaliland former minister Mohamoud Hashi. Somaliland former government official ( Mohamoud Hashi)  has misused his power during Somaliland former government in favor of his personal interest. Across the world, misuse of power by government official considered the worst form of corruption. Generally, corruption erodes trust, weakens democracy, hamper economic development, and generates inequality, poverty, social division and source of backward. The misuse of power by government officials involves the deliberate use of power for specific gains which is unjustified legally. Corruption is a form of dishonesty undertaken by government official entrusted with a position of authority, to acquire illicit benefit or abuse power for one’s private gain.

The impacts of corruption in the society are far-reaching: it can undermine political, social and economic stability, and ultimately threaten the safety and security of society as a whole. Corruption erodes public trust, damage society morale, and damages an organization’s reputation. Corruption is common for polluted government officials like Somaliland minister Mohamoud Hashi. Across the world, countries that have a high level of corruption are unable to function efficiently or prosper at an economic level, causing suffering for society as a whole. Corruption can lead to an uneven distribution of wealth as small businesses face unfair competition from large companies that have established illegal connections with government officials.  Another reason to hold flying these two airlines is, Fly Dubai and Air Arabia operating have cooperated Somaliland prime enemy, villa Somalia.

In view of above, Somaliland government should continue the business ban imposed on Fly dubai and Al-Arabia as these two airlines extended cooperation to Somali and strategic enemy which is villa Somalia on our difficult days while Ethiopia airline has proved its friendship to the political interest of Somali and. Experience has proved who is Somaliland friend (Ethiopia airline) and who are our enemies (fly Dubai and Al-Arabia). The few travel agencies requested to remove the ban for these two airlines pay interest only to their personal wallets and bank accounts, but not the interest of 4 million somalilanders. It is unfortunate the few voices  that campaigning in favor of permitting these two airlines to operate in Somaliland are victims of tribalism influence which is the source of instability in many parts of the world in particular Africa.

Somaliland people cannot accept the voices of few tribal minded elements who have tribal connection with the corrupt official Mohamoud Hashi that expressed sympathy. Those voices to permit these two airplanes flying rights to Somaliland are influenced by tribalism which is the source of disunity of Somaliland society.  The ban has more than 90 % approval of Somaliland people both locally as well as overseas. Hence, the ban imposed by Somaliland government against these two airlines should continue as these two airlinesproved being loyal to Somaliland enemies. Additionally, the original permission of these two airlines to operate in Somaliland was based on corruption practice which means short of legall validation.



Ismail Lugweyne