An open letter to Somaliland parliament: Over the years, Somalis have survived; thanks to the role of women (SOMALI’E DUMAR AYAY KA DIMAN WAYDAY).

The distinguished members of Somaliland Parliament, we have listened to the ongoing discussions regarding the proposed Quota for Women’s Seats in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

The proposal by the Specialized Parliamentary Commission to revoke the Women’s Quota as proposal by the President, regarding the 30% unopposed seats ear-marked for our sisters, mothers and wives depicts shortsightedness and the hallmarks of masculine superiority complex.

It is obvious the committee members have read only The Letter of the Constitution and sadly not The Spirit, as required of any straight-headed, educated and sophisticated thinker.

It’s true our constitution stipulates citizens’ equality before the law, but that means no citizen should discriminated against in view of his or her sex, religion, ethnicity etc. This is completely different from the concept of discrimination in favor of under privileged or oppressed member of the society. This is often called Positive Discrimination or Affirmative Action (التميز الايجابي.

For instance, discrimination against any citizen in the fields of education, health care and employment etc. is illegal and this is the subject of the protection given to all citizens under the Constitution.
However, certain aspects of positive treatment of elements of society with the aim of helping the less fortunate members of the population are called upon and preached by all nations across the Globe, irrespective of their political, religious or cultural orientation. All God-fearing humans agree on the concept of uplifting the living conditions and enhancing the role played by oppressed members of society.  This is the only way that entire communities could achieve any meaningful socioeconomic development.

A classic example of this Positive Specialized Treatment is depicted in the different treatment of women, negatively discriminated communities’, the poor, and people with special needs etc.
If certain politicians contend that people should be treated equally irrespective of the circumstances surrounding their ability to compete, these politicians should go back to school.
If the argument of our distinguished members Somaliland Parliament is adopted, this nation will cease to support the needy, build mosques and roads. If the interpretation of the respected MPs is put into practice. the disabled (Naafo) will be required to the compete in the National Football League and win the Cup.

Since the beginning of time, the poor and disabled children have developed into prophets, scientists and inventors of technologies that have changed the face of the World. If these children were not helped when they were in need, their talents would have been lost forever.
Coming back to the question of Electoral Quota proposed for women in Somaliland, we should bear in mind that women are seriously oppressed in this male-dominated culture.

This has created an unfair practice that women who are otherwise, the nation’s most productive machine, are denied their right to participate in the decisions regarding the life and wellbeing of their own people. This is in direct contradiction with the fact that women in Somaliland are the center of gravity and the most productive machine of our society – In the real Meaning of the word.

These days, Somalis have survived, thanks to the role of Women (SOMALIE DUMAR AYAY KA DIMAN WAYDAY).
United Nation statistics clearly show that countries where women are marginalized oppressed and deprived of their right to participate in the nation’s decision-making process have never achieved any worth-mentioning development in any walk of life.

It is bitty that, owing to the shortsighted decisions of some of our current MPs, our next parliamentary seats will be filled with a junk of ignorant and often incapable male creatures, so much so, the house will be nothing more than a Big Zoo. This is happening at a time when experienced, educated, and active women are left behind as a result of this doomed and outdated prejudice against the women.

Hassan A Yousuf
Geopolitical Analyst
Hargeisa, Somaliland

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