Kudos to Awdal/ Salal/ Gabiley’s young people and Our Preeminent Traditional Leaders Such as Sultan Ibrahim Jama Samatar, Sultan Abdirahman Dawal, Sultan Abshir and others

Justice Quotes

 “Truth never damages a cause that is just” (Mahatma Gandhi).

“Justice delayed is justice denied” (William Goldstone).

“Injustice any where is a threat to justice everywhere” Dr. Martin Luther King.



First of all I commend the young people who send their Rejection Letter to President Musa Bihi Abdi regarding the conduction of parliamentary and municipal elections. Moreover, Hats off to the preeminent Awdal’s traditional leaders who conveyed that message to the President. His Excellency Mr. President you need to do something about this urgent issue; regarding the long standing parliamentary representation complainants put forth by the people of western Somaliland. To build the beloved community we need justice to ring everywhere in Somaliland. To borrow from the words of Dr. Martin Luther King’s legendary “let freedom ring” speech of 1963; Mr. President let freedom and justice ring everywhere in Somaliland. Let freedom ring in our cities, villages, towering volcanic, mineral rich mountains of the “Goles Range,” great farmland plains of the west and our beautiful sandy beaches adjoining the strategic Red Sea and Gulf of Somaliland the so-called (Gulf Aden).


All of us here in the Diaspora are so happy about the great strides you have taken for the sake of Somaliland’s just cause and recognition. All the people of Somaliland including the people of Awdal/Salal/Gabiley wholeheartedly support Somaliland’s just cause, independence and sovereignty. Therefore, all of us need to support justice and equality for all Somaliland citizens. The time for tribal division is over and our nascent democracy is near a mature stage where we are already attracting world attention. We must be proud of the four presidential, two parliamentary, and two municipal elections we have successfully conducted. Despite the injustice the corrupt and declining so-called multilateral international organizations have inflicted on us, we are still certainly a shining example for Africa. In general I commend all Somalilanders because they have exhibited a great deal of patience, perseverance and resilience regarding all the hardships they went through during our struggle for our re-independence. The proportional representation for all Somaliland citizens is a just cause. In order to build a perfect Somaliland; all of us need to stand for justice and equality for all; and that is what the people of western Somaliland have been waiting for a long time. If we feel injustice happening in one part or parts of Somaliland all of us should be concerned about and work hard to correct that problem. “Injustice any where is a threat to justice everywhere” Dr. Martin Luther King. The problem for the complaint about the proportional representation regarding the people of western Somaliland has been here with us for a long time, and the successive Somaliland governments have ignored or showed over sight of the complaints about it. I believe this urgent matter needs to be resolved so we continue with our joint struggle to reach our full independence and sovereignty. I am hoping all Somalilanders of good will to work hard to resolve this long standing problem justly, and in ways that satisfies all our people. We need to remember Awdal was the place the second Somaliland democratic state has taken shape, and the people of western Somaliland are civilized people with rich history who are great pillars for this great nation. Therefore, it is incumbent upon all Somalilanders to work hard to build a just and perfect Somaliland where all its citizens are equal in front of the constitution.


Prof. Suleiman Egeh is a freelance writer, analyst, political commentator and a senior science instructor.

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