Somaliland as sovereign nation believe two china policy, two sovereign nations namely republic Taiwan and Republic of China and as result, Taiwan is sovereign nation like the rest of other two sovereign nations

The secret negotiation between Somaliland and china to establish diplomatic relationship between the two sovereign nations which was underway for several months made public on July 1st 2020 with the announcement of previously undisclosed high-level visits and appointment of representatives between the two nations. The two countries have signed agreements in February 2020, but only just made the details public.  Somaliland will be a bridge to increase Taiwan prominence in Africa. Taiwan’s new office in Somaliland will notably be called a “Taiwan representative office.” Most of Taiwan’s diplomatic outposts use the terms “Taipei” or “Republic of China. Somaliland and Taiwan decided to establish diplomatic representatives between Somaliland and the government of Taiwan as a result, the two countries already appointed diplomatic representatives in ambassadorial level.  This new diplomatic relationship made great concern to China and villa Somalia

The two countries, Somaliland and Taiwan will engage in cooperation in areas such as fisheries, agriculture, energy, mining, public health [and] education, said by Taiwan’s foreign minister Joseph Wu. Taiwan being an important strategic ally of the United States,  USA has put their weight behind the relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan.  This is because Taiwan is strategically to USA. Great to see Taiwan stepping up its engagement in East Africa in a time of such tremendous need. Taiwan is a great partner in health, education, technical assistance, and more!” the US National Security Council (NSC) posted on Twitter late Thursday, July 09. This is unprecedented US policy supporting the new diplomatic relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan. Taiwan & Somaliland are building bilateral ties based on shared values, & we look forward to opening representative offices in both countries to expand mutually beneficial cooperation, said by Taiwanese president, Tsai Ing-wen.

On his part, Somaliland president his Excellency Muse Bihi Abdi has send an appreciation message to the president of Taiwan expressing how Somaliland people pleased the warm welcome Somaliland delegation welcomed during their short visit in Taiwan.  Somaliland identified issues of mutual concern, including building-bridges of diplomacy; opening missions to boost political and socioeconomic links between the Republic of Somaliland and the Republic of China [Taiwan], said by Somaliland’s Foreign Ministry Yasin Haji Mohamoud said on Twitter. It was a great pleasure to meet Somaliland Foreign Minister Yasin Hagi Mohamoud earlier this year. The politics in the horn of Africa has taken a different turn when Somaliland and Taiwan established diplomatic relationships between the two countries which angered villa Somalia and China. This new diplomatic relationship made Somaliland falling under the US national security. This is why United States extended solid support the diplomatic relationship between the two democratic countries “Somaliland and Taiwan”.

This has also influenced Somaliland to become a strategic ally to USA as the two countries have common interest and common enemy.  Somaliland strategic location which is the gate of horn of Africa and the Middle East plays great role to Somaliland political campaign.  Somaliland strategic location fall close to the world’s shipping oil routes.  Daily six million barrel of oil pass through adjacent to Somaliland maritime water. Somaliland strategic location of Somaliland is linked to access by ships from the Indian Ocean to the Red Sea and further to the Suez Canal. This strategic location connects the Arabian Gulf region with the Mediterranean and is also used by tankers carrying oil and liquefied gas from Gulf countries to Europe. The new diplomatic relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan made Somaliland in US orbit, in other words, Somaliland became under US protection. The new relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan made Somaliland close to US strategic national security interest.  This development has influenced Somaliland and the US share common interest and common enemies.

Somaliland and Taiwan are two sovereign nations which have right to establish diplomatic relationships between them like the rest of the world. Somaliland is the second African country that recognised politically Taiwan after Swaziland.  The first Arab country that recognised Taiwan. The first Muslim country that recognised Taiwan. The new diplomatic relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan was breaking news all over the world. This was hotspot news in world international news coverage. It was published in world news headlines. This made Somaliland a political player in international politics. The new boiling politics in the horn of Africa is in favor of Somaliland in the expanse of villa Somalia which has no sovereignty at all. Chinese diplomats requested Somaliland to cut the new relationship Somaliland established with Taiwan, but Somaliland has turned down this illogic request. Contrarily, Somaliland informed the Chinese diplomats that Somaliland and Taiwan are two independent countries which mean two sovereign nations.

The Chinese leaders and villa Somalia jealousy with regard the relationship between Somaliland and Taiwan has no impact on the ground. This diplomatic relationship between the two countries become a bone in the throat to Beijing.   China attempt to influence Somaliland rejecting rapprochement between Somaliland and Taiwan became fruitless as Somaliland flatly rejected the chinese impossible request. Somaliland as a sovereign nation believes in two china policy, two sovereign nations namely republic Taiwan and Republic of China and as result, Taiwan is a sovereign nation like the rest of other two sovereign nations.   Earlier, Taiwan Foreign Ministry spokesperson Joanne Ou criticized China for attempting to interfere in Taiwan’s sovereignty, saying, “Taiwan is Taiwan. The country is not part of the People’s Republic of China, and the Chinese government has never ruled Taiwan for a single day.  Above diplomacy success is a series of successive diplomatic gains Somaliland has  achieved over the two and half years. History is written by winters.



 Ismail Lugweyne

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