This is a good news as well as bad news for Somaliland, for this very particular moment of time. It’s a very dangerous deal from my own personal perspective, anyway.

This is undeniably a very complicating situation with a totally unprecedented magnitude of its kind, in whichever way you look at it. Particularly when it comes to dealing with, and yet, establishing this sort of diplomatic relations with this completely isolated and unrepentant rebel island. Where every other internationally recognized nations has successfully avoided and apparently failed to make any contact with this pariah and totally determined Rebel Island called Taiwan. In order to avoid any unnecessary military confrontation with mainland China.

PLEASE KEEP IN MIND. The only recent example for you is what happened to the island nation called Papua New Guinea (PNG) just near Australia, which has apparently recognized Taiwan officially as an independent nation, just about a few years ago. This move has immensely infuriated the Chinese government and has led the Chinese navy to suddenly appear on the shores of PNG island nation and, have been told the PNG government to immediately denounce and refrain from this recognition of Taiwan. Otherwise, without any shadow of a doubt, the entire PNG island will be destroyed beyond recognition and will eventually be submerged into the bottom of the Pacific ocean.
However, the PNG government has apparently taken this threat very seriously and immediately denounced that diplomatic relationship with Taiwan almost immediately. This ultimately led the unbearable resignation of some prominent Taiwanese ministers to resign from their ministerial positions due to this unprecedented move with PNG island government.

However, this does not necessarily mean that I am totally against the government of Somaliland’s rightful future international political ambitions or perhaps our undeniable persuasion towards our self-determination and tangible international recognition for Somaliland. But unfortunately, this is not the right place to shop around.

As far as our eagerly anticipated and long overdue international recognition is concerned, it will eventually come along, somehow, somewhere, no matter how long it takes. We must prepare for it and take every possible precaution to avoid any dangerous obstacles and challenges ahead. Besides, I am also wholeheartedly quite concerned right about now, that we might apparently end up or perhaps suffer the same and unrelenting consequences regarding about this diplomatic relationship with Taiwan, with no any other foreign superpower nation on our side to apparently seek for help just in case this unthinkable imminent threat becomes reality.

Finally, I would strongly recommend the government of Somaliland to further look somewhere else for fishing, instead.
Sheikh BALISHIRE is extremely so anxious right about now, about this crazy and highly sophisticated Chinese Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles (ICB).!!!!!!???????



Amb. Mohamed Ismail Hussein (Balishire)
Former Somaliland Special Representative to Australia.
Somaliland Mission Australia.
Phone: +252 633 165 005 ( For WhatsApp Only).

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