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This is an open letter directed to the president of the Republic of Somaliland. His Excellency, Mousa Behi Abdi. However, speaking on my capacity as the former Somaliland special representative to Australia. And a longtime supporter of the normalization of this desperately needed diplomatic relations between the Republic of Somaliland and the State of Israel to be fully formalized. The Republic of Somaliland must seriously consider and join the rest of the international community in expressing their full support for this remarkable and historic normalization of relations between the United Arab Emirates and Israel.

Your Excellency, I am therefore expressing my profound appreciation towards this recently and desperately needed noble initiative led by the courageous leader of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) in search of a durable peace and a tangible security cooperation in the entire region, this initiative and peaceful resolution has been deeply admired internationally by the UN, many Arab and other European nations. Undoubtedly many more Gulf Arab countries will eventually follow suit, most importantly Saudi Arabia.

However, this dramatic developments between the UAE and the State of Israel has been eagerly anticipated, and it’s a tremendous opportunity for Somaliland as well as other Arab and Muslim nations to start a new chapter, through peaceful means and negotiations, in order to establish a reliable cooperation towards peace and sustainable development programs with the State of Israel, and yet, collectively fight against terrorism.

Your Excellency, it was indeed, a perfect idea for the former Somaliland president, the late president Egal, who perfectly executed for this initiative, and yet, initiated for his noble and remarkable intentions of restoring a democratic and internationally recognized Somaliland for about 20 years ago in the process, and yet, intend to successfully establish a diplomatic relations with the State of Israel. In order for Somaliland to gain more from the State of Israel, in terms of strong and formidable cooperation including, security, agriculture, health, education and other social economic development programs which has been enjoyed by many countries right about now, and most importantly to seek the formidable support from the State of Israel for Somaliland’s rightful international recognition in order to be successfully accepted internationally with the full and unshakable support of the State of Israel. But unfortunately, the people of Somaliland at that particular time, never acknowledged that great golden opportunity that they have unbearably, deliberately, and yet ignorantly misplaced.

Your Excellency, this sort of diplomatic relations is what the government of Somaliland has been lacking for the past 30 years in the process and seriously needs right about now. And we however, without any hesitation, obstacles or challenges ahead, we must extend the hand of peace and friendship to the State of Israel towards better and prosperous future, and we must be fully committed for the establishment of a fully fledging new diplomatic relations with the State Israel, we desperately need it and we need it right about now.

Furthermore, I really want to express my heartfelt and profound appreciation to those members of Somaliland parliament, who have wholeheartedly supported for any future diplomatic relations between the Republic of Somaliland and the state of Israel. This is the first and positive step towards the right direction for the UAE and as well as oil rich Arab nations to seriously consider for this magnificent opportunity for the sake of their own benefit. I guess it’s about time to make peace rather than creating a totally unnecessary and persistent hostile situations and some kind of hatred and never-ending war against the State of Israel.

The normalization of a durable and reliable peace brings sustainable development and close cooperation, and yet many can benefit the technological advancement of the State of Israel in which they are been blessed with and always well ahead of its age and time.

Presumably many Arab and Muslim nations can easily benefit for this technological advancement for water irrigation and other sustainable development programs. And finally, we can jointly fight against this deadly and totally unpredictable international terrorism.



Amb. Mohamed Ismail Hussein
Former Somaliland Special Representative to Australia.
Email: somalilandfoundation@live.com.au
Phone: +252 633 165 005. (For WhatsApp Only).