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Dr Adna: The Thatcherite of Somaliland

Somaliland is one of the countries that the rights of women are grossly violated. Although Somaliland women make up at least 55% of the population, they are under-represented in all departmental governments, in the parliament (both houses), local councillors ministerial posts, government advisors and in every sector.
 Dr Adan, who was the only female in the team that
the Somaliland president handpicked to take part the meeting between Somalia and Somaliland held in Djibouti last week. That meeting was about resolving what would be like the future destiny of the two countries.
Though Dr Adna was the only woman in the team of seven male-dominated, her contribution emulated all the input the rest of her colleagues had made to the meeting. Her skills, experience and knowledge and most importantly, her fluency not only in the English language but her diplomatic language astounded all the international participants to the meeting.
As I  was one of the thousands of Somalilanders who had been following the development of the meeting; I congratulate her selfless efforts for fighting our country to get international recognition.
My message to all Somalilanders is that we could not and should not win international recognition and achieve economic development so long the violation of the rights against our women perpetuated.
Ahmed Isse,
Social Scientist

Hargeisa, Somaliland