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Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi histroic speech in jibouti has scocred unprecedenteial victory over farmajo and his close backers like US ambassdor Yamamoto

Somaliland president Muse Bihi Abdi delivered non precedential historic speech in Djibouti international conference participated by key political players became bombshell and destructive weapon to villa somalia and their backers like US ambassador Yamamoto.  In his speech, the president taught a very costly lesson to villa somalia and their backers like US ambassador Yamamoto that hurt their feelings as they never expected this type of hursh speeches from somaliland. The president told the conference participants that Somaliland will not accept anymore the biased policy from the international community aimed to deny Somaliland legitimate rights. Over a long time, the international community ignored Somaliland peace, security, stablity and democracy while spent billions of dollars for a country devastated by terrorists, pirates, tribal wars, political divisions, corruption  and misuse of power. Nearly three decades, the international community has ignored the deep historical and political differences between somaliland and somalia aged 30 years.

The international community has ignored the Painful suffering somaliland people had from the successive somali regime from 1960 and until at present. The international community has ignored 100,000 Somali Dictator Siad Barre’s genocidal wrath destroyed more than 90 percent of Hargeisa and leveled the city to the ground. The international community has ignored the destruction of Hargeisa which neutral observers described Hargeisa Holocaust. The international community denied the fact that Somaliland and Somalia were two different countries originally.   They ignored the death and destruction of Somaliland committed by the most brutal regime in recent history which some neutral observes described the forgotten genocide. The international community has ignored over 200 mass graves committed by the most criminal regime in recent history that made an identical history between the Syrian city Aleppo and Hargeisa and labeled those two cities as death cities.

They ignored the air bombardment and artillery shelling in Hargeisa that made the city under rubble as the scale of destruction was unprecedented up to 95 % of the city. Those days, the regime’s military leaders had the order and instruction to kill the local population as much as possible. Until at present, the whereabouts of thousands are still unaccountable or remain missing, but presumably killed by the regime. The regime’s tactics against civilians included laying landmines around towns, destroying water forces and also laid over a million unmarked land mines to kill the maximum number of civilians. 29 years ago, there was no single building in Somaliland capital survived from the regime bombardment as the dictatorship system instructed destroying every building in the capital including schools. Even the mosques were not spared from the regime air and artillery bombardment.  During the  former inhuman regime, Somaliland citizens were subject of torture, detention, rape, daily curfews, absences of free trade, total economy control, systematic media control, surveillance against political opponents, using state power punishing opponents, using power to reward backers, enforce the law only one side, ruling through violence. From 1969 and until late 90, Somaliland people had experienced one of Africa’s most notorious dictatorships. 

The former brutal regime in Somalia has committed indiscriminate mass murdering against unarmed civilians in Somaliland cities and towns. Women wiped and children have cried in view of the brutality of the destruction and the bombings. The regime forces have not demonstrated any mercy to the civilian population.  The international community has ignored the Arial bombing missions and ground troops bombardment in Hargeisa that killed more than 50,000 civilians including women and children which written in many world  reports and book like the government at war with its own people, the Death Valley and the Holocaust of Hargeisa.  Despite of above, the international community paid a credit to those that committed the above tragic which cannot sum-up in words. In contrast, Somalia receives generous assistance from traditional donors like the United States, European Union and World Bank. Between 1991 and 2011, Somalia received more than $50 billion in aid. Excluding humanitarian and security assistance, development aid from the traditional donors alone is considerably.  Howver, at least, in a platform participated by world influence players like USA, EU, IGAD african union in international conferences hoisted by the government of Djibouti, Somaliland had the historic opportunity to  present  and explain its legitimate cause in a platform attended by world ginant political players.  Speaking in the conference, Somaliland president his excellency, Muse Bihi Abdi taught a very costly lesson to villa somalia and their backers like US ambassador Yamamoto in a black and white speech.

Somaliland president Muse Abdi told villa somalia leadership and the international community that, there will not be further talks between somaliland and somalia unless villa somalia accept in advance three supreme conditions which are: NO 1.  Villa Somla to accept in writing all the communique  reached by somaliland and somalia with regard the e previous rounds talks. NO. 2. Villa Somalia accepts in writing the death and destruction committed by the somali heartless regime against unarmed civilans. 3. Villa Somalia accepted in writing that Somaliland and Somalia were two countries with two different histories. Somaliland will not pay attention anymore to the international community’s one side policy in favor of the corrupt regime in villa Somalia and the expanse of somaliland. Somaliland will not accept anymore circus played by the international community. Somaliland will not accept anymore games  from the international community.

Somaliland will not accept any more rotating roundabouts that have outlets to move from the roundabout.  Somaliland will not aaccept  the international community to become an official spokesperson of villa somalia leadership. Somaliland will not accept the international community blind policy intended to deny Somaliland legitimate rights. Those days are over. At present, the wind is moving to the side of best navigators which mean Somaliland . In the past, the Somaliland president said while speaking in a press conference, let’s call spade as a spade which means Somaliland as Somaliland and Somalia as Somalia. When someone is right , he is nothing to fear. Somaliland legitimate right which is cristal clear to the international community. Taken above into account, time is repeat, the international community to recogoinze somaliland diplomatically like the rest of world family of nations. It is worth mentioning that when the jet carrying the Somaliland president and his delegation landed in Djibouti international airport, Djibouti government extended and honored Somaliland president more than special VIP hospitality. On arrival, Somaliland president Musa Bihi was extended red carpet treatment like any other head of state.



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