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Official news versus propaganda in Somaliland.

Although president Musa Bihi rejected the idea of Farmajo visiting Somaliland. and clearly stated that it is next to impossible that such a visit could take place, some naive and politically immature Somalilanders are the ones still circulating that cheap propaganda. These people, either by mare ignorance of the fact that their country stands better chance in peace, prosperity and development  than Somalia, and not in need of Farmajo and his government, or having a hidden political agenda to intentionally damage their country, they apparently chose not to believe their president’s annual speech in front of the parliament. Maybe they didn’t listen to that comprehensive informative speech or they listened but could not really understand its’ contents. It’s disgrace and shameful that some of our people are very attentive to what our enemies say about us, and not aware that there are official sources in our beloved country where reliable news and information can be sought.
Because somalis in general had been an oral society for generations,  reading for the sake of knowledge, information or leisure is not a common practice or a hobby for many. Therefore, it is not unusual or strange that many people, among them educated and elite, prefer to listen, believe, and spread baseless, illogical stories  among the community. This problem has a big negative impact in our cities. It has influenced our so called journalists who publish what ever they hear without mentioning the source of their report. I believe in Somaliland, we should learn to differentiate facts from fiction. we should relay  more on reading and evaluating information, and less on oral narratives and unreliable sources, and last but not least,we should trust our government and seek official news from concerned agencies.
Musa Egeh,
Ottawa, Canada