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Aden Yonis Diaspore Press Release

As we know, human beings are social. We live in a society and like to share our
feelings, happiness, and sorrows with our friends, relatives, and others. This wish
of togetherness and belonging leads to creating a community as a whole.
On December 14, 2019, the most unheard-of crime in the history of the Republic
of Somaliland was announced. We lost one of our young men, a Somaliland
citizen from Tog Wajale. It was purely a criminal act and a massacre in its most
severe form. It is not within our culture as Somaliland citizens. As an Aden
Youis Diaspora in North America, we condemned that crime and we earnestly
request Somaliland government particularly Somaliland’s honorable President
Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi and Somaliland’s vice president Mr. Abdrahman Abdilahai
to take quick action against the murders.

Relatives of the victim have worn white robes for two weeks. The victims’
children, parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, in-laws, cousins, nieces, nephews,
friends, neighbors, business partners, and acquaintances have all been missing
Aydarus Mohamed Dahir since three weeks ago and we are still waiting for
justice to be served.

Aden Yonis diaspora in North America, support our elders’ press release led by
Sudan Mohamed Abdi Hassan. Our youth protested in the City of Tog Wajaale,
and our elders at Borama. All of our requests were very legitimate and we fully
support them. All of our requests support peace and fair justice. We as Aden
Yonis join in the motherland, as well as all peace-loving Somali landers all,
cannot stand to see these heinous acts committed and are waiting for justice to be
served. In addition to that, we demand that we must get full protection for all
Somaliland citizens. Unity is important in these types of moments. We must stand
in solidarity and be the voice for our fallen brothers. This is a time for us to
showcase the bond and strength we have carried through many generations. The
time is now. Let’s pray for a brighter and more peaceful future.

We hope to hear back soon.