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Farmajo spends large part for the financial assistance villa Somalia gets from international community to destabilize Somaliland which is contrary the purpose given for the aid to villa Somalia

The main purpose of establishing United Nations Security Council in 1945 is maintaining global peace across the world in line with United Nations character of principles. It was formed to work for the maintenance of international peace and security across the globe and as a result, all UN members have the mandatory not endanger the international peace in any part of the globe as achieving peace is continuous mission for the international community at large. United Nations Council has taken the lead in maintaining global peace across the world.  Peace in Somaliland means peace in horn of Africa, means peace in entire Africa as well as peace for the entire world, in other words, peace in any part of the world serves the interest for the entire international community across the globe.     

But unfortunately, the fragile government in Mogadishu spends a great part for the financial assistance villa Somalia gets from the international community to destabilize Somaliland which is contrary mission and the purpose given the assistance to villa Somalia. In reality, Somaliland is prime target for villa Somalia instability campaign towards in horn Africa. The international community spends billions of US dollar annually to restore peace and security in Somalia, but no vain almost after three decades as situation remains unchanged if not worse.  But in the case of Somaliland, situation is much different than in Somalia as peace in Somaliland is obtained without foreign assistance reason being the nature of Somaliland people are different than that of Somalia. Reconciliation is more beautiful than victory, Violeta Chamorro. This is why Somaliland is peaceful since independence in 1991 and Somalia remains in chaos after almost three decades              

 Peace is a daily, a weekly, a monthly process, gradually changing opinions, slowly eroding old barriers, quietly building new structures. John F. Kennedy.  Peace brings with it so many positive emotions that it is worth aiming for in all circumstances, Estella Eliot. People across the world have shared agreement which is, it impossible to separate peace and security from economy growth as peace is not only beneficial to societies but it is also considered the most important need for mankind as peace involves economic growth.

While Somalia is experiencing the worst security challenges in the world and large of the country is ruling by Al-Shabaab, a wing of global terrorism, however, Villa Somalia leadership has declared an open aggression to destabilize Somaliland. Contrarily, since its establishment in 1991, Somaliland has spent a great deal and effort for the peace and stability in horn of Africa as peace serves the primary interest for the people in horn of Africa while the fragile government in Mogadishu protected by 20,000 African peace keeping forces employed a contrary mission aimed to destabilize and damage peace in Somaliland. Villa Somalia has expressed how much, they hate Somaliland, but hatred is the consequence of fear, joyously and like putting water in bottomless cup.

 Villa Somalia consider the peace, security, stability and democracy in Somaliland as threat to them which is the worst form of jealousy, but jealousy mean instability in the mind. Since he came to power in 2017, Farmajo tirelessly working to damage the stability in Somaliland even though his instability campaign against Somaliland has failed producing him even a fraction of one percent as anything that begins with bad intentions end result zero impact in the ground. In conclusion, Villa Somalia has thousands of pending problems that requires immediate solutions rather than spending great part for the financial assistance they gets from the international community to destabilizes the neighbour countries in particular Somaliland.  Working to destabilize a peaceful country is not different than given assistance to global terrorism which is the biggest threat to mankind across the globe .



Ismail Lugweyne