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EU Reaffirms Commitment to Support Ethiopia’s Democratization

Addis Ababa  October  31 /2019 House of People’s Representative (HPR) Speaker Tadesse Chafo and EU Parliament Development Committee Chairman Tomas Tobe held discussion today.

HPR Speaker Tadesse Chafo briefed the EU delegation about the ongoing political and economic reform underway in the coutry.

The speaker cited the amendments made on the proclamation of civil society organizations and the electoral proclamation among the moves taken by the parliament to widen the political landscape.

Responding to the questions raised by members of the delegation, Tadesse said, “If you come next year, you will see many parliamentarians from opposition political parties.” Ethiopia is due to held general election in May, 2020.

The speaker finally called on the EU parliament to further strengthen their support as Ethiopia committed to free, fair and democratic election.

EU Parliament Development Committee Chairman Tomas Tobe said on his part EU is committed to further enhance its support to help the country realize genuine democracy.

The chair stated that the reason which prompted the visit of the parliament is the ongoing reform of Ethiopia. “We need more democratic reform in the country,” he pointed out.

Tobe, who noted that EU has been providing humanitarian assistance for Ethiopia, added that it  now wants “to assist the country on its journey of democratization, particularly on democratic election.”

The 9 person delegation, which is on its three-day stay in Ethiopia, is expected to hold discussion with civil society organizations and some ministries.