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Here In South Africa, With All Our Diversities of Colour and Race, We Will Show the World a New Pattern of Democracy: (Albert Luthuli)

Happy Heritage Day:

In this month of September 24th 2019, South Africa commemorates and marks a significant event that has shaped our history as both South Africans and Africans as well.

Among others, Heritage Day acknowledges the role Africans from Somalia to Zimbabwe, From Cape to Cairo; played in South Africa’s liberation, democracy and heritage were liberated.

The theme of Independent’s Heritage Day therefore should not only be for us as every South African, but we need to extend to every African who has contributed in the fight against the past injustice of South Africa

The above theme could not be more appropriate or profound, within our minds still fresh memories of the recent spate of xenophobia that has swept parts of the country.

South African Heritage day, illustrate each year the enjoyment, happiness and the agony of a society seeking to manage a complex transition that defies the best analytical efforts of the brightest in our midst.

I am of the view that the true solution to our full transition lies within us, the people of South Africa, if we are to succeed the project South Africa and in managing our transition, each of us has to play an impactful role.

We must have unity of purpose in committing to impactful change which is linked to practical action, not only prescriptions or hot-air recommendations.

I firmly believe our debates are wonderful but they must lead us somewhere and support our enterprise of concreting our effort to build a non-racial, non-sexist united democratic society in which each of us has the means and opportunity to make a contribution and build build a truly new society.

On that note, I call upon everyone to have faith and hope in the fruitful possibilities that lie within our common humanity.

Happy Heritage Day

 Saeed Furaa, (Pen Name)

A banker cum a Social Entrepreneur,

Passionately involved youth development through entrepreneurship and innovation.

“Horn of African Social Entrepreneurs in South Africa (HASEFSA) are passionate about youth development through practical business and entrepreneurial skills”