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The friendship based on wrong doings

People who do not feel shame doing wrong has no honor. The righteous friend deals with his brothers honorably, honestly and sincerely. This article examines many issues that I have experienced in Somaliland which I feel necessary to reveal to the public being involves sensitive issues which I feel essential to alert the public.

A tree is known by its fruit; a man by his deeds. Establishing friendship with a thief and a liar is like walking in dark path and distant away the path with light as thieves prefer the dark than the light. Islam advocates avoiding establishing friendship with thieves and liars. This is my first time I have experienced friendship based to rob and to cheat others. This is my first time, I saw a person that steals and lies but going to mosque to go for prayer which
are two conflicting deeds. The guy believes they can lie for the creator, the Allah who created them from dust which is rare scenery on earth. Even non Muslims feel shy to believe such immorality. Going to mosque to do praying will indicate being a true for the people who rotten by heart. Physically, this guy looks like common people but by
heart them different than the common people being short of immorality.

People across the world are two types namely those who earn through immoral means like stealing, lying and dishonesty manner and contrarily those who earn through morality and honesty behavior.
Driving best cars, owing best houses, having big amount of health and wearing best cloths will make generate good image for immoral people, but poor and rich by heart is what makes good reputation. of the people. Physically, I have experienced people that gained wealth through cheating, stealing and lying but did not feel shy and shame by
doing this immoral acts which ordinarily people feel shy to commit.

Owning luxury houses, driving cars, gaining wealth and wearing best clothes will not generate good reputation for the people who are rotten by heart.

People rotten by heart cannot buy good reputation from departmental stores or super markets. I have seen here in Hrgeisa and overseas as well people the words like morality, honesty, truth, trust, good image, are short from their mentality. I have experienced two persons their relationship is based on rob people. Two persons that consider
stealing others is their means of living. Lying is their common culture. Denying what they have taken from others is their means of survival. Greediness is their routine habit. Truth and honesty is their worst enemy. These two persons prefer Haram than Halal.

Their stomach never tested Halal as a source of money. Hypocrisy is their regular habit. The word shame is not in their thoughts.
Defending sealing and lying is their common manner. These two guys are two in one. I do not know when lying became moral act for some people. I do not know when stealing became lovely manner to some people. I did not know when dishonesty became valuable act for some people. I do not know when cheating became means of survival for some people. I do not know when some people provided licenses to cheat people. I did not know when truth becomes an enemy for some people that I knew them. I did not know when doing shame deeds became common
habit for some people. I did not know when Hram became better than Halal for some people. I did not know when gaining wealth through robbery has become moral act for some people.

I did not know when hypocrisy became common practice for some people.
I did know when trustworthiness become short the thoughts of many people especially many I knew them I.did not know when greediness become daily practice for many that I knew them. I did not know when doing immorality involves respect. We need to be careful before trusting someone simply you and him share blood relationship or same from clan as nothing is valuable than experience or making sure the trustworthy level of the person. Never trust someone simply you and him are from same clan. Experience proved distant people by blood are more trustworthy than those who close to you by blood.

Deeds are different than words. Speaking good does not mean doing good, but doing good deeds is considered good being valuable than speaking about good which is sometimes does not exist by heart. It is common we see people speaking about good but deeds are conflicting what they are speaking. Experience proved deeds speak louder than
empty words. Speaking nice does not indicate the speaker is nice person, but doing well indicates good image about the person. This is how I judge the personality of the people positive or negative. This is common across the world. Never trust someone simply he is close to you by blood. There is big difference between tribe and tribalism.
Tribe is an indication of our origin, but tribalism is an ugly behavior. Tribalism means to be loyal to your clan only and not the whole people or the nation. Tribalism means your tribe muse be privileged. It means your clan has every right and above other clans.

It means your clan is superior to the rest of the clans. It. means the other clans must be loyal to your clan being upper class or superior than the other clans.

It means your tribe privileges must not be questioned by anyone.
Tribalism is the sources of problems in Africa it is the sources of violence in Africa. It is the source of backward in many African countries. It is the source of instability many parts of Africa. It is the source of corruption many parts of Africa. It dictates to love your clan and hate other clans. It is the source of death and destruction many parts in Africa like Kenya and Rwanda .It influenced you not to trust anyone except your clan members. It is metal cage
prison. It divides people of same country into many camps hostile to each other. It disconnects the relationship between people of same country. It cuts the bridge that connects people from same country from each other. In tribalism nothing binds people from same country to each other. It is dirty tool. It is immoral act. It is e evil mind
behavior. It is dirty thinking.

It is immoral act. It is the worst deeds in earth. It kills the way the Russian AK 47 gun kills people. There is no progress where there
is tribalism. It divides people of same future and same destiny. It is
nothing but devil workshop mind. It is nothing but rotten behavior.
It divides our unity. There is nothing better being united as unity
and progress are two in one and there is a unity, there is always a
victory. United hands are better than divided hands. United hearts are
more valuable than divided hearts. Where is there a unity, there is
great hope of progress. Where is a unity, there is same interest and
same vision. Where there is a unity, there is good future. People
their minds are free tribalism effects always have peace of mind.
People their minds ate free from tribalism love everyone in their
country. People their minds free from tribalism unit people of their
country. People their mindset frees from tribalism effects have good
image in their society. People their minds are free from tribalism
effects have independent mind and independent thinking. My clan is
the people who feel shame doing shameful like stealing, lying and
robbing people like the two guys that influenced me writing this
article. Considering the experience I have gained over decades, I
have erased the tribalism from my thoughts being harmful to the public

Few days ago, I have seen in the social media, two Somaliland
directors’ generals namely director general of education Ahmed Abokor
and the director general of Transport and Roads Development, Omar
sayid has written in the face book conflicting opinions about the
maritime dispute about Somalia and Kenya. Ahmed abokor said, Kenya
has the right to defend their territorial waters while Omar sayid said
has written an opposing opinion supporting the Somali claim.
Conducting fair evaluation for both opinions, I fully support the
opinion written by Ahmed Abokor and consider the opinion written by
Omar Sayid supporting the enemies of Somaliland which mean Somalia.
Ahmed abokor has proved his patriotism feelings while Omar Sayid sided
with Somaliland potential enemy which mean Somalia. Somaliland did not
need government officials who have sympathy with our enemies like Omar
Sayid. Omar sayid proved, he is loyal to our strategic enemy Somalia
while Ahmed Abokor has proved his loyalty to his country and his
people being the place his parents and ancestors originates from.

Omar Sayid has supported our enemy that killed 100,000 Somaliland
citizens and made Somaliland cities and towns under ripple. He
supported those bombed Somaliland cities and towns. He supported
those who raped Somaliland women. He supported those who made our
women and children cried. He supported those that did demonstrate any
mercy to our elders. He supported the butchers of Hargeisa like hersi
Morgan. He supported those put thousands of land mines to Somaliland
to kill maximum number of our people.
He supported those made every effort to isolate Somaliland from the
international community. He supported those who are busy to make our
country undeveloped. Omar sayid need to read history of his home land
before supporting our enemy Somalia

In conclusion, I express my sincere appreciation the opinion written
by the director general of the ministry of education Ahmed abokor as
he proved his patriotic feeling about his home land denounce the
opinion written by Omar sayid being sided with the potential enemy of
Somaliland Omar Sayid has proved being anti Somaliland feelings while
Ahmed abokor has proved his loyalty with his country and his people.
In fact both of them has expressed their internal feelings. Ahmed
Abokor expressed patriotic feeling while Omar Sayid has expressed his
ant-Somaliland feeling. Your thoughts are the shadows of your
feelings. Our feeling is always than deeper truth. Both of them has
expressed their hidden feeling which indicates their hidden ideology.
One of them has expressed true Somaliland ideology while the other one
has expressed his anti Somaliland ideology.


Ismail Lugweyne