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Somaliland Should stop this shameful holocaust analogy……. Stop it now !

Northern Somalia civil- war  1988- 1991 Somaliland is calling it now Hargeisa Holocaust. It is all too easy to forget that there are many people still alive for whom the Holocaust is not “history,” but their life story and that of their families.

What happened May / June 1988 in Nothern Somalia was not a holocaust nobody is gassed there were no concentration camps no one starved you couldn’t see skeleton humans their hands tattooed with numbers in pajamas’ but In Hargeisa there was  an urban civil war between S.N.M forces and Somali regime army both using civilians as human shield ……. Human casualties was not more than 8000 people on both sides few goats and some chicken , I for one was from S.N.M forces  In the name of Allah I confirm to you that there was damage to the city structure but not even 10 % of Hargeisa  is destroyed.

My proof is that the period between 1989-1991 the people came back from Ethiopia refugee camps to Hargeisa and specially Buroa which indicates that the towns were not badly destroyed……… As S.N.M Forces our biggest nightmare was people going back to their cities and establishing their normal life because we believed that will soufflate the Somali regime forces as we wanted to keep them in ghost cities in order to destroy their moral.

The truth is Hargeisa city and other Isaac cities are destroyed by civil war between Isaac clan fractions after Somali Regime forces left . The two major leaders of that inter-clan civil war were warlords Mr. Muse Bihi Abdi and Mr. Mohamed Kahin Ahmed that war raged in Somaliland between 1994-1997 the aim was Garhajis nation’s ethnic cleansing their main propose was to eliminate Garhajis people from every power position in Somaliland still they are in that process up to day. Since few weeks the two Ex- Warlords Colonel Muse Bihi Abdi and Colonel Mohamed Kahin Ahmed with their stooge commandant Nuh Pasto are shelling every moving or fixed target in Erigavo city and mountains of Sanaag region killing unknown number of Garhajis nation nomads.

When these weapons are used in populated areas it is often civilians who are most severely affected. Small arms fire bullets at a point, but explosive weapons affect wide areas. They kill injure and damage anyone or anything within that area . As such it is near-impossible, when using explosive weapons in a populated area, to restrict the deadly impact of an explosive shell or bomb to just one person or to a targeted group. The use of explosive weapons in populated areas, therefore, raises special concern when it comes to debating the protection of civilians….Therefore international community should debate protection of civilians in the eastern of Somaliland where Somaliland Government is targeting Garhajis nation instead of this shameful holocaust analogy.

This oversimplified approach Sa’ad Muse clan elite in Somaliland are using to complex history is dangerous. When conducted with integrity and rigor, the study of history raises more questions than answers. And as the most extensively documented crime the world has ever seen, the Holocaust offers an unmatched case study in how societies fall apart, in the immutability of human nature, in the dangers of unchecked state power like Heego in Somaliland. It is more than European or Jewish history. It is human history as someone said

Careless Holocaust analogies in Somaliland may demonize, demean, and intimidate Somalia. But there is a cost for all of us because Heego in Somaliland distract us from the real issues challenging our society, because they shut down productive, thoughtful discourse as they did to Professor Ahmed Ismail Samatar and Professor Ali khalif Galayr. At a time when our country needs dialogue more than ever, it is especially dangerous to exploit the memory of the Holocaust as a rhetorical cudgel. We owe the survivors more than that. And we owe ourselves more than that. For this solemn occasion We the Garhajis nation and The Great Nation of Somali we apologize to the survivors / non survivors of the Shoah…..


Ahmed Jigga