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“Baby Doc ” and Mohamed Kaahin Jailed Gabiley Local Politicians ……!

Somaliland government is destroying traditional institutions, they have been jailed four of well known local government politicians Mr.Burale Mawlid Abdi , Mr.Hassan Mohamed Dhagjar , Mr.Mahdi Mohamed Hashi Jijaa and Mr.Iid hassan Abdi. The Administration is telling everyone those politicians are impersonated Mayor Of Gabiley “Baby Doc” in an interview with BBC Somali services but how on earth can four grown men produce one voice maybe it’s possible at circus my bad, Somaliland is a big circus nowadays , H.E Minister Mohamed Kahin Ahmed uses HABRA KADABRA to keep his Mayor in his seat that is why he prohibited week ago any extraordinary meetings at local governments all over Somaliland.

The only reason that those politicians have been jailed is their opposition to corrupted Mayor of Gabiley also known “Baby Doc ” as he behaves Haitian late dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, aka “Baby Doc” and some of the members switched their party affiliation — from ruling party Kulmiye to Opposition party of UCID according to our sources.

Government officials in Somaliland have often harassed journalists, opposition figures, and other government critics. Numerous journalists and opposition activists have been detained in retaliation for their activities. Many have also been subjected to attempted bribes by government officials eager to bring them into the fold of the ruling Kulmiye party.

The government’s use of the Security Committees is an important human rights issue in and of itself—they have left hundreds of Somalilanders to languish in prison with no due process rights latest jailed are Gabiley’s local government politicians. But the committees are a symptom of a larger problem—the presidency’s willingness to run roughshod over the legal and constitutional restraints on its power. There are important and very substantial limits on the government’s power, but these are mostly informal constraints rooted in the power of public opinion and traditional institutions. The formal boundaries to presidential power set down by Somaliland’s laws and constitution are frequently swept aside and ignored.



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