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Open Letter To President M.A.Farmajo : Sir, Act And Act Now ……It Can’t Wait !

H.E. President Mohamed Abdillahi Farmajo

Villa Somalia



Dear Sir,

We the people of great Somali nation are passionate about our animal welfare with the highest livestock ownership per capita in the world. We love on our camels and sheep and are similarly concerned about the treatment of goats and all manner of wildlife.

But Mr. President the way we treat our livestock is an enduring stain on our national character. We can’t in all good conscience continue to turn a blind eye to the live export trade or pretend we are humane when we are simply outsourcing the cruelty to other nations in the Middle East such as Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia.

In recent times we have seen sickening footage from livestock ship in Jeddah Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, of our goats and sheep show signs of heat stress such as panting or open-mouthed breathing if there is no solution from the Federal Government of Somalia soon there will be significant deaths from heat stress. In other cases, sheep will die from enterotoxaemia, a type of blood poisoning, or muse be euthanized due to infected shearing wounds.  The footage is stomach turning and can only be described as torture; the fear and suffering the poor livestock endured would horrify any decent human being.

The livestock export globally is coming under increasing scrutiny, after animal welfare organization, Animals International exposed the brutal treatment of animals exported last year. There are no laws in the destination countries to protect animals from extreme cruelty, says the organization.

Mr. President You know very well that those who are sickening the process of Somali livestock export are livestock traders and the Regional governments plus Somaliland should regain the control ………. Mr. President it’s the worse kept secret  that you and President Muse Bihi Abdi of Somaliland are in contact almost on weekly basis why you couldn’t solve that livestock carrying ship  which simply requires to fax or email ” health certificate ” To Jeddah  from Mogadishu …. For the record Sir your government gave us wrong information by telling everyone the matter is solved.

We urge you Mr.President to act and act soon as we are in plan to contact PETA and other aggressive animal protection groups which Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia will not like their interference….. So please act urgently….

Yours truly,

We The People Of  Great Somali Nation